Some hidden depths to some common foods

An apple, you may associate it with childhood, or it may be something you take to remain healthy. Do we really know the often wondrous qualities of these commonplace foods? I decided to delve a bit deeper into the additional qualities of some of these foods. Did you know that that apple could protect your […]

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Hormones in crisis?

I recently went to get Asyra health screening, it screens your body for imbalances, in a natural way. It was very enlightening and beneficial and I came away with a better understanding of my current health. One of my imbalances happened to be hormonal, in that I had slight Oestrogen dominance. I was quite taken […]

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Eating a rainbow everyday

If you take time to actually observe fruit and vegetables, you will see the colors of the rainbow. There is an innate intelligence in nature providing these colours, to attract and offer varying benefits to you. We have orange colored in the Oranges, apricots, carrots and turmeric, these carry high amounts of Beta Carotene, which […]

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Losing yourself through social media

Lately I have had recurring feelings of  not really knowing where I am going in life. Maybe others out there share my predicament? I find myself trailing through Facebook, observing other people living their lives. You begin to know more about other people’s goals and ambitions, rather than your own. You find yourself mindlessly spending […]

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