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Some hidden depths to some common foods

applesAn apple, you may associate it with childhood, or it may be something you take to remain healthy.

Do we really know the often wondrous qualities of these commonplace foods?

I decided to delve a bit deeper into the additional qualities of some of these foods.

Did you know that that apple could protect your lungs from cigarette smoke?

Apples contain pectin which can remove cholesterol, toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body.

What about Lemons, some may have heard that this is a healthy choice, but do we know the extent of why it is?

Lemons have anti microbial qualities, they can also reduce mucus in body.

They assist the liver, cleanse the blood and treat thick, poorly circulating blood, they also calm the nerves.

Cherries are another wonder fruit, they have been used to treat arthritis and rheumatism.

Cherries are very rich in iron can help treat anaemia, improving condition of the blood.

I revere carrots, I truly do, they are a powerhouse of nutrients and enhance our health innumerably.

Firstly Carrots benefit the lungs, improve the liver functioning, they treat indigestion.

They are alkaline forming, clearing acidic blood conditions such as acne and are a folk remedy for cancer.

The wonderful kale is a magnificent source of chlorophyll, which is rich in magnesium.

beetrootBeetroot, another glorious food, purifies the blood, benefits the liver and helps nervousness.

For those who have never tried Seaweed, I would ask you to do so.

Even in polluted waters they have the ability to purify the toxicity there.

They most resemble the composition of our blood, softening hardened areas in our bodies.

They cleanse our lymph, alkalize our blood and are extremely beneficial to our Thyroid.

This only touches the surface of the overwhelming qualities of nature’s bounty.

Also we get most benefits from taking them in raw form. If you can, choose organic too.

I firmly believe we have everything we need in plant based foods.

 We were designed for our health to flourish in the taking of these foods.



Wishing to shift weight? Could you be malnourished?

weightThis is a popular and serious topic for many, the area of losing weight.

Each one of us wishes to be healthy and it is not about achieving stick thin status.

We all have our natural weight that is right for us, we all have an instinct as to what that is for us.

I have encountered many people who, no matter how many diets, can’t seem to shift that stubborn weight.

A myriad of attacks are deployed, deprivation, calorie counting, point counting, but all to no avail.

Could it be that instead of depriving our bodies, we need to feed it more, more of the good stuff?

More fruits, more vegetables and yes even more fats?

I hear you recoil in horror, no, not the fat, this erroneous belief about fats is built upon often false information.

We actually need fat, to insulate organs, to produce hormones and fuel our cells. We need the good fats.

Fats such as Olive oil , Sesame seed oil, flax seed oil, even Coconut oil.

Flax seed oil has actually been proven to burn off other fats. Olive oil is so nutrient dense.

Carbohydrate could be just as likely to be converted in the body to fat, as fat could be itself.

If our bodies lack certain nutrients we cry out for them and over eat, in the hope to acquire these nutrients.

However if what we are eating is still failing to quench that need, we continue to eat and eat.

food medicineOur bodies will feel more satiated if we have supplied them with a wide variety of nutrients.

The foods which are more nutrient dense include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, seaweeds and legumes.

The fibre which comes along with these foods naturally helps our digestion and weight management.

I truly believe it is the food choices we make which affect our propensity to store weight or get rid of it.

So called healthier alternatives, low sugar means high artificial sweetener, low fat means high carbohydrate.

Artificial sweeteners have been proven to make people more likely to store fat.

I would ask you to change your attitude towards food, it is not the enemy.

Food can be tasty and you can have plenty of it, if you choose the healthier natural, plant based foods.

Of course food is only part of the solution, increasing activity also plays a role in weight management.

Sometimes too, there can be other reasons, such as thyroid problems, these can be checked by the doctor.

If we stay as close to nature as we can, food which has not been interfered with but rather taken as nature intended.

Try it out, see if it works for you.

I truly believe you will not only maintain a healthy weight but improve overall health too.


Failure is success in disguise

success jumpReflecting back upon experiences which I have had, my perceived failures have taught me much.

As we all know this life is not a straight path, but that too can be a positive thing.

I have had a tendency to berate myself if I make a mistake, I am sure many can relate.

Though, haven’t you found that making that mistake very often means you understand the situation more deeply?

Laws are laid down, whether it be in the place you work or society and we are coerced into conforming.

Those rebels amonbeing yourselfgst us challenge that, but in a work situation we often find our hands tied, creativity stifled.

If we fail to conform, fail to do it right, is it a real failure?

Success is being happy, following your true path, being true to who you are, maintaining your identity.

We need to even get rid of the word failure, or mistake, it merely signifies that something hasn’t been done according to another’s rules.

By all means do what is right and try to do things properly, but maintain your essence in the process.

Every wrong thing you have ever done has most likely also been your greatest blessing.

If we can learn to downplay conformity and embrace uniqueness, we are our own success story.



Hormones in crisis?

hormonesI recently went to get Asyra health screening, it screens your body for imbalances, in a natural way.

It was very enlightening and beneficial and I came away with a better understanding of my current health.

One of my imbalances happened to be hormonal, in that I had slight Oestrogen dominance.

I was quite taken aback as I didn’t take dairy, nor meat, but I had been under stress.

High blood sugar levels can also elevate levels of Oestrogen in the body.

Through conversing with friends I have discovered hormonal imbalance in Women is widespread.

What foods or herbs or practices can we all take to keep our hormones in balance?

One fantastic discovery was that Carrot juice is a natural hormone balancer.

carrot juiceFlax seeds have phyto oestrogens, the plant versions of Oestrogen.

These  versions are weaker that our own Oestrogen and can usurp them on receptor sites on our cells.

This ultimately means that taking Flax seed is replacing Strong Oestrogen with a much weaker form.

Agnus Castus is an amazing herb which helps to balance hormones.

Managing stress levels and relaxing more can help keep hormones in check.

Hormone imbalance can also be caused by a Thyroid problem, seaweed is rich in iodine, great for the Thyroid.

Staying clear of plastic packaging or indeed products in plastic is a positive move to keep hormones balanced.

Make up can contain parabens, which mimic hormones, seeking natural make up is a positive step.

One thing I learned is that having your period last 5 days or more is a good indicator your hormones are balanced.

I have incorporated more Carrot juice and less stress in my life and feel much more balanced as a result.

Eating a rainbow everyday

rainbow of fruit and vegIf you take time to actually observe fruit and vegetables, you will see the colors of the rainbow.

There is an innate intelligence in nature providing these colours, to attract and offer varying benefits to you.

We have orange colored in the Oranges, apricots, carrots and turmeric, these carry high amounts of Beta Carotene, which is necessary for healthy eyes and skin.

We have the Reds, which include tomatoes, raspberries, cranberries, red grapes, these are very rich in Vitamin C as well as numerous trace minerals and B vitamins.

The yellows come in ginger, lemons and pineapple, these tend to offer Vitamin C, helping strengthen bones and teeth as well as assisting condition of skin.

Greens show up in kale, apples, chard, cucumber, leeks, they tend to offer in the case of Kale, good dosages of iron. Green is a balancing colour.

Aubergines, red plums, beetroot, blueberries demonstrate the purple category.

We have  such an abundance of brightly colored fruit and vegetables

body of fruit and vegThrough including a range of them on a daily basis, you are essentially covering the range of vitamins, minerals, flavenoids and trace elements your body needs in order to have optimum health.

Go out and consciously try to eat a rainbow every day, your body will be fed with the energy and light from these foods.

Managing difficult relationships, some thoughts

conflictI am sure we all can say we have had some difficult encounters with people, can’t we?

Regardless of temperament, at some stage in your life you will be confronted with a challenging person.

How do we deal with this, what can we do to ultimately have the best approach?

I don’t have the answers to every situation but can comment upon some thoughts on the matter.

I have discovered through much trial and much error, trying to take yourself out of the situation helps.

Trying to see it from another perspective greatly helps.

Moving away from angry thoughts towards that person to loving thoughts really affects your interaction.

However hard it may be and this may take time, at some stage we must accept part responsibility for the dispute.

That shift away from assigning blame to accepting part blame, can be picked up upon by the other person.

We emit energy towards others through our thoughts, this can be palpable if anger or hatred exists.

It may sound new age but honestly sending love and good vibes to the other person, is carried to their energy field.

Harbouring any ill will towards another in the long term really only affects us.

making peaceIn essence making peace with another is the best approach, if we wish to maintain health and happiness.

if we allow ourselves to choose the path of being kind rather than right, we are making a wise decision.

People can challenge but we choose our response.

I would advocate trying to find a place of peace and love towards that person as soon as is possible.

When middle of the road is perfect.

middle-of-roadDo you sometimes feel that you are comparing yourself to others and falling short?

I know I do and am sure countless others share this common affliction.

We are conditioned from an early age to strive to be the best, to compete.

Competition is healthy to a degree but always falling short can be damaging to the individual.

Could we potentially shift our view to acceptance of who we are, owning who we are with all our layers?

There may be others who we perceive smarter, prettier, more accomplished, but this is how we see it.

Others could have a radically different view and very often this is the case.

Why couldn’t we accept that it is ok to be middle of the road, to be adequate in a particular thing?

Couldn’t this relieve us of so much burden, so much pressure, feelings of unworthiness?

This life is not a sprint, it is a marathon, with many twists and turns and hurdles .

Yes, it is great to have goals, ambitions, also it is great to be accepting if a goal never materializes.

acceptance-road-signAcceptance of oneself is a freeing endeavor and can often be fleeting and transitory.

Through striving for perfection, we glide by the really perfect things like friendship and personal happiness.

These are goals highly worthy of our focus.

Embrace who you are, whatever the fabric and texture of your person may be.

Losing yourself through social media

who am iLately I have had recurring feelings of  not really knowing where I am going in life.

Maybe others out there share my predicament?

I find myself trailing through Facebook, observing other people living their lives.

You begin to know more about other people’s goals and ambitions, rather than your own.

You find yourself mindlessly spending time watching reality shows, seeing the drama.

What about your dramas, is this fascination with others an escape route from facing yourself?

Facing the question of who you are, where you want to go, the kind of life you want to live.

Now, I am not advocating a life totally bereft of these shows, or even time spent away from perusing facebook or twitter.

My reason for writing these thoughts are perhaps to engender a wake up call for you to question  who you are.

be happy-who am iTime spent really evaluating what makes you happy, time spent in solitude is instrumental.

We live in a world bombarded with media which is a blessing, but on the flip side can also rob you of precious time.

If you find yourself feeling unsatisfied, lethargic, one possible reason could be that you have overdosed on social media.

Get outside, find a hobby, or spend more time on that hobby, give yourself a goal.

I know one of my current goals will be to focus on where I am going in life and how to get there.

Time is a fleeting thing, gifted to us, it is our duty to make the most from that precious gift.


Pain as an instigator for change

pain makes people changeRecently, I have been challenged with a lower back issue.

Now, anyone who has had back issues will know what I am talking about, it impacts hugely upon your life.

Initially I thought’ oh no, not again, I really hope this goes away soon’

Soon, it did not, it has been 6 weeks and it is still lingering.

Anyway, having previously been pain free, I was catapulted into a world where going to bed was no longer pleasant.

Touching my toes was absolutely forbidden and even the very act of walking properly was beyond reach.

Now, I say this not for pity, though I had enough self pity for a long while.

Pain wakes you up from your reverie, shakes you down and you can be faced with debilitating fear.

The fear of it not getting better at all, the fear of there being something else wrong with you.

I know I started to evaluate my life, why had this back issue arisen, was I needing time out, time to rest?

Was I happy with my life?

They say a back issue can relate to you feeling you have to carry a burden.

Was I feeling I was carrying a burden?

Having this time to assess and reflect has proven insightful, I realize in some areas of my life, I am not fulfilled.

I had been feeling trapped and a session with a kinesiologist had brought up those very findings.

pain into powerWhere to go next? That will be the challenge.

In the pain lay the blessing of insight.If we all look for it, I believe we can find similar in our own pain.

Take action Now

laterI have been the biggest procrastinator going, without doubt.

I almost enjoyed telling others how I loved to talk about what I wanted, but never actually did anything about it.

Secretly, I was overwhelmed with guilt and a total lack of respect or faith in myself.

I questioned myself, what was holding me back? What was it that was basically causing me to imprison myself?

I am still attempting to figure those questions out.

One simple thing I have learned though is that action, even small steps regularly, have the power to change everything.

I transitioned from a place where hopelessness flourished to a place where optimism sprung forth.

That big step  I felt unable to make was surprisingly replaced with many tiny steps in the direction  of my dreams.

The hope, enthusiasm, energy and determination dripped in slowly.

tortoise and hareProcrastination can absolutely strip someone of their self worth whilst unmet needs  and dreams lie scattered all around.

Anyone bound by the confines of Procrastination and an inability to move towards their aspirations, take one small step today.

Ask yourself, what is it you truly want in life?

If you had all the money in the world, what would you choose to spend your time doing, there lies an important discovery.

Make the decision to take at least one step, however small, towards achieving your goals today.

After all, according to the fable, it was the Tortoise who won the race, he kept going throughout.