Losing yourself through social media

who am iLately I have had recurring feelings of  not really knowing where I am going in life.

Maybe others out there share my predicament?

I find myself trailing through Facebook, observing other people living their lives.

You begin to know more about other people’s goals and ambitions, rather than your own.

You find yourself mindlessly spending time watching reality shows, seeing the drama.

What about your dramas, is this fascination with others an escape route from facing yourself?

Facing the question of who you are, where you want to go, the kind of life you want to live.

Now, I am not advocating a life totally bereft of these shows, or even time spent away from perusing facebook or twitter.

My reason for writing these thoughts are perhaps to engender a wake up call for you to question  who you are.

be happy-who am iTime spent really evaluating what makes you happy, time spent in solitude is instrumental.

We live in a world bombarded with media which is a blessing, but on the flip side can also rob you of precious time.

If you find yourself feeling unsatisfied, lethargic, one possible reason could be that you have overdosed on social media.

Get outside, find a hobby, or spend more time on that hobby, give yourself a goal.

I know one of my current goals will be to focus on where I am going in life and how to get there.

Time is a fleeting thing, gifted to us, it is our duty to make the most from that precious gift.