When middle of the road is perfect.

middle-of-roadDo you sometimes feel that you are comparing yourself to others and falling short?

I know I do and am sure countless others share this common affliction.

We are conditioned from an early age to strive to be the best, to compete.

Competition is healthy to a degree but always falling short can be damaging to the individual.

Could we potentially shift our view to acceptance of who we are, owning who we are with all our layers?

There may be others who we perceive smarter, prettier, more accomplished, but this is how we see it.

Others could have a radically different view and very often this is the case.

Why couldn’t we accept that it is ok to be middle of the road, to be adequate in a particular thing?

Couldn’t this relieve us of so much burden, so much pressure, feelings of unworthiness?

This life is not a sprint, it is a marathon, with many twists and turns and hurdles .

Yes, it is great to have goals, ambitions, also it is great to be accepting if a goal never materializes.

acceptance-road-signAcceptance of oneself is a freeing endeavor and can often be fleeting and transitory.

Through striving for perfection, we glide by the really perfect things like friendship and personal happiness.

These are goals highly worthy of our focus.

Embrace who you are, whatever the fabric and texture of your person may be.