17 – Maeve at Natural Wisdom

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview a truly remarkable creator Maeve. Maeve representing her own Company Natural Wisdom touched upon many interesting areas. We delved into what is natural skincare, also Maeve’s shampoo, skin and deodorant ranges. Prepare to be enlightened. You can find her information at www.naturalwisdom.co.uk and also at www.etsy.com look for Natural Wisdom. […]

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16 – Yoga Nidra

This podcast is Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation, narrated by me.To bring some peace and calm to your lives, during this stressful time in our history. May your bodies connect with the ability to heal and be healthy […]

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13 – Refill Quarter

We discuss in this podcast the ethos behind zero packaging, the types of foods sold in the shop and why we as consumers need to be conscious of our use of packaging. Thanks to Alice for bringing this environmentally friendly topic to our ears. […]

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11 – Transformational Breath

In this podcast we will delve into the arena of Transformational Breath, what it is and how it works within the body. We will get an insight into the power behind this lesser known modality through Brian William’s words. Brian’s path towards discovering this therapy is a unique one and one which I believe will interest and intrigue you. […]

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10 – Truffleupagus Vegan Yums

In this podcast I get to interview someone who leads a very varied and interesting life. A life filled full of vegan cooking, vegan advocacy through Anonymous for the Voiceless and drama, not to mention an unwavering passion for animals. Be inspired by what you learn through this podcast, you will learn a lot. […]

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09 – Abhyasa Yoga

Do you ever wonder what exactly yoga is and what it is all about? In this podcast, Nicole explores how she has come to know and understand the dynamics of yoga and shares that with us. We explore the subject of breath, relaxation and finding the right fit of yoga for you. Nicole has devoted so much time to expanding her understanding of Yoga. A light of wisdom is shone upon the subject matter of Yoga for us in this podcast, thanks to Nicole’s words. […]

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08 – Art of Living

This podcast allowed me to interview Sooksham from the Art of Living. We discussed the importance of breath in maintaining a state of inner balance. Happiness,perhaps something which we have greater access than we realized, was also a topic. Sooksham and his wife Tanusha dedicate their free time to spread the wisdom which is to […]

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