Pain as an instigator for change

pain makes people changeRecently, I have been challenged with a lower back issue.

Now, anyone who has had back issues will know what I am talking about, it impacts hugely upon your life.

Initially I thought’ oh no, not again, I really hope this goes away soon’

Soon, it did not, it has been 6 weeks and it is still lingering.

Anyway, having previously been pain free, I was catapulted into a world where going to bed was no longer pleasant.

Touching my toes was absolutely forbidden and even the very act of walking properly was beyond reach.

Now, I say this not for pity, though I had enough self pity for a long while.

Pain wakes you up from your reverie, shakes you down and you can be faced with debilitating fear.

The fear of it not getting better at all, the fear of there being something else wrong with you.

I know I started to evaluate my life, why had this back issue arisen, was I needing time out, time to rest?

Was I happy with my life?

They say a back issue can relate to you feeling you have to carry a burden.

Was I feeling I was carrying a burden?

Having this time to assess and reflect has proven insightful, I realize in some areas of my life, I am not fulfilled.

I had been feeling trapped and a session with a kinesiologist had brought up those very findings.

pain into powerWhere to go next? That will be the challenge.

In the pain lay the blessing of insight.If we all look for it, I believe we can find similar in our own pain.