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Living through uncertain times

We are all living through what is likely to make it into the History books.

We have been catapulted into a new reality. In the space of a month our whole lives have been turned upside down and inside out.

Entering 2020, I remember keeping a close eye on developments which were happening in Wuhan, China. Seeing the restrictions, never realizing how quickly that depth of disruption would reach our shores.

In a world, where we are so interconnected that can be a positive but also a negative too, as is seen by this example.

The spread of this virus has been expedited by our love of travel and indeed the free movement of people throughout the globe.

When I watched those people from far off China laying their dead to rest, I felt a sense of safety in the knowledge that they were there and I was here. That sense of safety has been stripped from me and everyone I know now.

There is a palpable fear of imminent loss, a dread that surfaces, shouts in the darkness to you and rumbles in the shadows of your thoughts.

They say one of the certainties of life is death, though never has that saying felt more real than it does now.

We in these isles have known death, my parent’s generation lived through that struggle, through our Troubles, we were lucky to be spared that.

We have watched other Countries live through epidemics, we have empathized but we have never had to endure that hardship, until now.

Trying to navigate the emotional hurdles, the fear, the anxiety, these are going to be our companions for the foreseeable future.

We must learn to be bedfellows, however strange and uncomfortable that may be for us.

Small things in life, now are things we would give anything for, to visit a friend, to go to a gig, a party, an event. How we wish we hadn’t taken it all so much for granted.

The times are uncertain, the future unknown, we are living through unprecedented times and our fortitude will have to surface through it all.

Christmas Draw Results

Delighted to announce the winners of the draw which are listed below.

We raised £600 in total, £200 of which will be going to each of the three causes.

This has been such a rewarding endeavour and for those who have benefited, the causes and those who have won below, it will impact greatly.

Thank you to all those who donated their time and expertise through the prizes and those who donated money.

Together we have all made a positive difference to the lives of people, animals and indeed our environment.

Prize Winner Ticket #
30ml Oceans alive Marine Phytoplankton & 250ml Magnesium & Black Cumin oil James Davis 21
1hr Consultation with the Holistic Doctor Andy Thompson 100
Chaga Powder and Lion’s mane Powder Shona Power 124
£50 voucher for Kinesiology with Dace, includes Flower remedies. Elizabeth Spratt 33
£40 Voucher for Kinesiology with Dace Paul Grace 136
45 min Aromatherapy Massage Ryan McNeilly 49
Chiropractic session with Sarah Emma Derleta 69
1;1 Pilates or Hypnotherapy session Amanda Andrews 6
Reflexology Treatment (Gemma McHugh) James Pow 125
Reflexology Treatment (Dorothy) Deirdre Murphy 40
A session of either Emmett & Bowen Technique; Reiki; Shamanic Healing Keith Breen 30
100g – ABC Nutri powder Lisa Moore 160
Introductory free Months full access to Abhyasa Yoga studio Eamon O’Raghallaigh 106
250g Organic Fresh Ground Coffee & Mug from Pukka Herbal Teas Andrew Thompson 28
12 Vegan cakes Ciara McHugh 185

Christmas Draw Update

It has been one week since the raffle donations started and there has been £220 raised for the 3 charities. If you haven’t already entered, it really makes sense to buy tickets for the Christmas draw, for a number of reasons. These reasons are as follows;

  • It doesn’t take a mathematician to calculate that you have a great chance of winning a prize. There has been only £220 in tickets sold and 15 people have bought tickets, there are 15 prizes. Considering that there is over £750 in prizes and each person is only allowed to win one prize, the chances of winning a prize are much higher than you would find elsewhere.
  • Even if you don’t win your donation goes to three really worthy causes.
  • There is less than one week to go before the draw is made on Sat Dec 21st.
  • This is a chance to help others and have a great chance of helping yourself too. These prizes could be potential Christmas gifts to those whom you love or as a special treat for yourself.

Every amount counts, please consider donating, it makes a difference.

Click here to see the list of prizes and enter the draw

France’s dirty Foie Gras

We literally have returned from a very enjoyable 4 days spent in the South of France.

The beauty of the beaches, the bravery of the surfers who gather in droves is marred by the dirty, rotten practice of Foie Gras, considered a delicacy there.

For those out there who do not know what Foie gras is.

It is when a duck or a Goose is force fed, until their liver is engorged. From the age of 8-10 weeks, a tube is inserted into their throat and they are force fed grain and fat.

The mortality rate for animals who are force fed can be 20 times than that of birds raised normally.

Their livers can become 10 times larger than they would normally.

Am I the only one who thinks there are so many things seriously wrong with a whole nation feeling this is a delicacy and right to be done onto animals?

For all the beauty there, the increase in organic food in the shops, the increase in organic fruit and vegetables, as a nation, they really need to address this grotesque practice, cruelty which is kept going due to tradition.

These animals suffer, they feel, they have emotions. How would we like to be force fed, causing our organs to swell unnaturally in our bodies and lead to our ultimate death? I don’t think it would rate as a delicacy then?

The dependence on meat is so high there, you can see a few vegan options on the menu, though when the stench of cooking meat pervades the area, it doesn’t encourage a vegan to want to stay and eat there, I certainly didn’t want to.

Let’s hope things change, for the animals sake and ultimately for humanity.

For a person to feel that this is right, is there something lacking in the humanity there too?

That is a question people who create the demand for these products need to ask themselves and should ask themselves.

Learning to love yourself is necessary

As children, we were most likely told to be modest, to not be boastful and to not congratulate ourselves for our achievements.

Our parents only knew what they had been taught and that is what they then instilled in us.

If you were brought up Irish, I know that is most likely how it was for you. We need to start believing it is ok to love ourselves, more than ok, necessary.

Little did we know that understating our achievements and ourselves, we reduced our worth in our own eyes.

Through not loving ourselves, we effectively told our bodies, we didn’t love them.

Our bodies hear and react to every thought we feel.

Our thoughts are the catalyst for creating feelings and this has a knock on effect on our mood and overall happiness.

If we tell ourselves that we love ourselves, that we appreciate our bodies, our cells react to this and function at a higher level.

Our immune system works better, we have less stress, less cortisol running through our bodies.

You may think that at this stage in your life, whatever that stage is, it is too late.

You may feel that you can’t change your habits and the thoughts you tell yourself, that is so wrong.

You have the ability to change at any age, we are always in a state of change, our bodies constantly renew cells, renew organs, change is a constant in our lives.

Even the simple act of changing how you speak to yourself, by being more loving in the words you use, has huge implications.

Once you form a habit, by consistently talking to yourself in a loving way, it will then become a belief.

Once it is a belief, it is entrenched within you. You then have laid down your foundations for a happier, healthier life.

Start today if you can, tell yourself that you love yourself, yes, it is ok to say that. Tell yourself you are enough, for you are enough, more than enough.

You just didn’t allow yourself to recognize it perhaps before,until now.

Failure is success in disguise

success jumpReflecting back upon experiences which I have had, my perceived failures have taught me much.

As we all know this life is not a straight path, but that too can be a positive thing.

I have had a tendency to berate myself if I make a mistake, I am sure many can relate.

Though, haven’t you found that making that mistake very often means you understand the situation more deeply?

Laws are laid down, whether it be in the place you work or society and we are coerced into conforming.

Those rebels amonbeing yourselfgst us challenge that, but in a work situation we often find our hands tied, creativity stifled.

If we fail to conform, fail to do it right, is it a real failure?

Success is being happy, following your true path, being true to who you are, maintaining your identity.

We need to even get rid of the word failure, or mistake, it merely signifies that something hasn’t been done according to another’s rules.

By all means do what is right and try to do things properly, but maintain your essence in the process.

Every wrong thing you have ever done has most likely also been your greatest blessing.

If we can learn to downplay conformity and embrace uniqueness, we are our own success story.



How much are we willing to pay for good food?

Good food, what is it?

Is it the gourmet meal, offering delicacies such as caviar or snails?

good foodIn my mind no, in my mind good food is the organic fruits and vegetables and herbs.

The people who produce these foods very often do not get remunerated adequately for their efforts.

If they don’t get enough to profit from their work, they will be forced to seek work elsewhere.

Having spent time on an organic Blueberry farm, I realize how special the process of food cultivation is.

We are perhaps not aware that the Supermarkets have driven down the cost of fruit and vegetables.

This then forces the organic farmer to compete and consumers can face the dilemma of why go organic?

Organic means no pesticides, no herbicides.

These chemicals laced upon the food are extremely detrimental to our health.

Essentially through buying food in these forms we endorse it, we are paying less but at what cost to our health?

organicI go to market every week and  buy organic,  I speak with the guys who work in the fields through the weeks.

Honestly I don’t notice it being expensive, it fills me with joy to know I am getting ultimate goodness from the produce.

If you don’t already choose organic, I would ask you to consider it

Organic, locally produced food, works with nature and feeds you with that power of nature too.

Foods to help protect against inflammation and Cancer

Inflammation in the body is often the body’s warning sign that your body is in an acidic state.

Inflammation also is the starting point which can lead to Cancer, heart disease and a multitude of ailments.

What can we all do, on a daily basis, to help our bodies ward off inflammation in the body?

aloe veraOne of the top foods is Aloe vera, it contains six or more anti inflammatory agents.

Aloe boosts your immune response and research has shown it can shut off the blood supply to tumors in the body.

Ginger is a must have in the diet to eradicate inflammation, also Turmeric which is part of the ginger family.

Echinacea is an immune system enhancer.It increases the amount of T cells, which are a critical element of our immune system.

Green Tea helps ward off inflammation, protects the body against Cancer.

lemonsLemons or pure lemon juice are filled full of Vitamin C, High amounts of Vitamin C have been proven to be toxic to Cancer cells.

Apricot Kernal seeds have proven to have B17, which has a natural cyanide within it.This cyanide is released when it encounters a cancer cell, it leaves healthy cells intact.

Incorporating as many of these foods in our daily life is investing in our long term health.



When middle of the road is perfect.

middle-of-roadDo you sometimes feel that you are comparing yourself to others and falling short?

I know I do and am sure countless others share this common affliction.

We are conditioned from an early age to strive to be the best, to compete.

Competition is healthy to a degree but always falling short can be damaging to the individual.

Could we potentially shift our view to acceptance of who we are, owning who we are with all our layers?

There may be others who we perceive smarter, prettier, more accomplished, but this is how we see it.

Others could have a radically different view and very often this is the case.

Why couldn’t we accept that it is ok to be middle of the road, to be adequate in a particular thing?

Couldn’t this relieve us of so much burden, so much pressure, feelings of unworthiness?

This life is not a sprint, it is a marathon, with many twists and turns and hurdles .

Yes, it is great to have goals, ambitions, also it is great to be accepting if a goal never materializes.

acceptance-road-signAcceptance of oneself is a freeing endeavor and can often be fleeting and transitory.

Through striving for perfection, we glide by the really perfect things like friendship and personal happiness.

These are goals highly worthy of our focus.

Embrace who you are, whatever the fabric and texture of your person may be.

Why listening is so much more than hearing words

hearingMy job involves listening to people’s queries and trying to resolve them over a phone.

I don’t get to see their body language, their eyes, all I can work with are words and their ability to express.

It can be a challenge but I do think, through working through this medium, you are forced to develop listening skills.

People want and need to be heard, they need to feel you are interested in their lives.

We all know that we gravitate towards those people who really listen to you and seem to care.

We tend to avoid those who like to constantly talk about themselves and never pick up on anything you say.

I believe we all want to feel special, like we lead interesting lives and we are entitled to feeling like this.

listeningHow can we be better listeners?I think being silent whilst others speak is a fine starting point.

Allowing the other person to finish their train of thought, then picking up on whatever they have been saying.

To truly listen is to respect another, to have interest in them, people appreciate this greatly.

I am by stretch of the imagination an expert in this field, I am learning too.

I do feel, truly listening is something we all should consider.

Being absolutely present in the moment when we are witness to  another persons  feelings or concerns.

This can only enrich relationships and improve your life and those in your life.