Take action Now

laterI have been the biggest procrastinator going, without doubt.

I almost enjoyed telling others how I loved to talk about what I wanted, but never actually did anything about it.

Secretly, I was overwhelmed with guilt and a total lack of respect or faith in myself.

I questioned myself, what was holding me back? What was it that was basically causing me to imprison myself?

I am still attempting to figure those questions out.

One simple thing I have learned though is that action, even small steps regularly, have the power to change everything.

I transitioned from a place where hopelessness flourished to a place where optimism sprung forth.

That big step  I felt unable to make was surprisingly replaced with many tiny steps in the direction  of my dreams.

The hope, enthusiasm, energy and determination dripped in slowly.

tortoise and hareProcrastination can absolutely strip someone of their self worth whilst unmet needs  and dreams lie scattered all around.

Anyone bound by the confines of Procrastination and an inability to move towards their aspirations, take one small step today.

Ask yourself, what is it you truly want in life?

If you had all the money in the world, what would you choose to spend your time doing, there lies an important discovery.

Make the decision to take at least one step, however small, towards achieving your goals today.

After all, according to the fable, it was the Tortoise who won the race, he kept going throughout.