Managing difficult relationships, some thoughts

conflictI am sure we all can say we have had some difficult encounters with people, can’t we?

Regardless of temperament, at some stage in your life you will be confronted with a challenging person.

How do we deal with this, what can we do to ultimately have the best approach?

I don’t have the answers to every situation but can comment upon some thoughts on the matter.

I have discovered through much trial and much error, trying to take yourself out of the situation helps.

Trying to see it from another perspective greatly helps.

Moving away from angry thoughts towards that person to loving thoughts really affects your interaction.

However hard it may be and this may take time, at some stage we must accept part responsibility for the dispute.

That shift away from assigning blame to accepting part blame, can be picked up upon by the other person.

We emit energy towards others through our thoughts, this can be palpable if anger or hatred exists.

It may sound new age but honestly sending love and good vibes to the other person, is carried to their energy field.

Harbouring any ill will towards another in the long term really only affects us.

making peaceIn essence making peace with another is the best approach, if we wish to maintain health and happiness.

if we allow ourselves to choose the path of being kind rather than right, we are making a wise decision.

People can challenge but we choose our response.

I would advocate trying to find a place of peace and love towards that person as soon as is possible.