Failure is success in disguise

success jumpReflecting back upon experiences which I have had, my perceived failures have taught me much.

As we all know this life is not a straight path, but that too can be a positive thing.

I have had a tendency to berate myself if I make a mistake, I am sure many can relate.

Though, haven’t you found that making that mistake very often means you understand the situation more deeply?

Laws are laid down, whether it be in the place you work or society and we are coerced into conforming.

Those rebels amonbeing yourselfgst us challenge that, but in a work situation we often find our hands tied, creativity stifled.

If we fail to conform, fail to do it right, is it a real failure?

Success is being happy, following your true path, being true to who you are, maintaining your identity.

We need to even get rid of the word failure, or mistake, it merely signifies that something hasn’t been done according to another’s rules.

By all means do what is right and try to do things properly, but maintain your essence in the process.

Every wrong thing you have ever done has most likely also been your greatest blessing.

If we can learn to downplay conformity and embrace uniqueness, we are our own success story.