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Some hidden depths to some common foods

applesAn apple, you may associate it with childhood, or it may be something you take to remain healthy.

Do we really know the often wondrous qualities of these commonplace foods?

I decided to delve a bit deeper into the additional qualities of some of these foods.

Did you know that that apple could protect your lungs from cigarette smoke?

Apples contain pectin which can remove cholesterol, toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body.

What about Lemons, some may have heard that this is a healthy choice, but do we know the extent of why it is?

Lemons have anti microbial qualities, they can also reduce mucus in body.

They assist the liver, cleanse the blood and treat thick, poorly circulating blood, they also calm the nerves.

Cherries are another wonder fruit, they have been used to treat arthritis and rheumatism.

Cherries are very rich in iron can help treat anaemia, improving condition of the blood.

I revere carrots, I truly do, they are a powerhouse of nutrients and enhance our health innumerably.

Firstly Carrots benefit the lungs, improve the liver functioning, they treat indigestion.

They are alkaline forming, clearing acidic blood conditions such as acne and are a folk remedy for cancer.

The wonderful kale is a magnificent source of chlorophyll, which is rich in magnesium.

beetrootBeetroot, another glorious food, purifies the blood, benefits the liver and helps nervousness.

For those who have never tried Seaweed, I would ask you to do so.

Even in polluted waters they have the ability to purify the toxicity there.

They most resemble the composition of our blood, softening hardened areas in our bodies.

They cleanse our lymph, alkalize our blood and are extremely beneficial to our Thyroid.

This only touches the surface of the overwhelming qualities of nature’s bounty.

Also we get most benefits from taking them in raw form. If you can, choose organic too.

I firmly believe we have everything we need in plant based foods.

 We were designed for our health to flourish in the taking of these foods.



Wishing to shift weight? Could you be malnourished?

weightThis is a popular and serious topic for many, the area of losing weight.

Each one of us wishes to be healthy and it is not about achieving stick thin status.

We all have our natural weight that is right for us, we all have an instinct as to what that is for us.

I have encountered many people who, no matter how many diets, can’t seem to shift that stubborn weight.

A myriad of attacks are deployed, deprivation, calorie counting, point counting, but all to no avail.

Could it be that instead of depriving our bodies, we need to feed it more, more of the good stuff?

More fruits, more vegetables and yes even more fats?

I hear you recoil in horror, no, not the fat, this erroneous belief about fats is built upon often false information.

We actually need fat, to insulate organs, to produce hormones and fuel our cells. We need the good fats.

Fats such as Olive oil , Sesame seed oil, flax seed oil, even Coconut oil.

Flax seed oil has actually been proven to burn off other fats. Olive oil is so nutrient dense.

Carbohydrate could be just as likely to be converted in the body to fat, as fat could be itself.

If our bodies lack certain nutrients we cry out for them and over eat, in the hope to acquire these nutrients.

However if what we are eating is still failing to quench that need, we continue to eat and eat.

food medicineOur bodies will feel more satiated if we have supplied them with a wide variety of nutrients.

The foods which are more nutrient dense include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, seaweeds and legumes.

The fibre which comes along with these foods naturally helps our digestion and weight management.

I truly believe it is the food choices we make which affect our propensity to store weight or get rid of it.

So called healthier alternatives, low sugar means high artificial sweetener, low fat means high carbohydrate.

Artificial sweeteners have been proven to make people more likely to store fat.

I would ask you to change your attitude towards food, it is not the enemy.

Food can be tasty and you can have plenty of it, if you choose the healthier natural, plant based foods.

Of course food is only part of the solution, increasing activity also plays a role in weight management.

Sometimes too, there can be other reasons, such as thyroid problems, these can be checked by the doctor.

If we stay as close to nature as we can, food which has not been interfered with but rather taken as nature intended.

Try it out, see if it works for you.

I truly believe you will not only maintain a healthy weight but improve overall health too.


Hormones in crisis?

hormonesI recently went to get Asyra health screening, it screens your body for imbalances, in a natural way.

It was very enlightening and beneficial and I came away with a better understanding of my current health.

One of my imbalances happened to be hormonal, in that I had slight Oestrogen dominance.

I was quite taken aback as I didn’t take dairy, nor meat, but I had been under stress.

High blood sugar levels can also elevate levels of Oestrogen in the body.

Through conversing with friends I have discovered hormonal imbalance in Women is widespread.

What foods or herbs or practices can we all take to keep our hormones in balance?

One fantastic discovery was that Carrot juice is a natural hormone balancer.

carrot juiceFlax seeds have phyto oestrogens, the plant versions of Oestrogen.

These  versions are weaker that our own Oestrogen and can usurp them on receptor sites on our cells.

This ultimately means that taking Flax seed is replacing Strong Oestrogen with a much weaker form.

Agnus Castus is an amazing herb which helps to balance hormones.

Managing stress levels and relaxing more can help keep hormones in check.

Hormone imbalance can also be caused by a Thyroid problem, seaweed is rich in iodine, great for the Thyroid.

Staying clear of plastic packaging or indeed products in plastic is a positive move to keep hormones balanced.

Make up can contain parabens, which mimic hormones, seeking natural make up is a positive step.

One thing I learned is that having your period last 5 days or more is a good indicator your hormones are balanced.

I have incorporated more Carrot juice and less stress in my life and feel much more balanced as a result.

Has the Dairy industry deceived us?

goood for calfHas indeed the Dairy industry deceived us? I believe so, yes.

First of all, we have been led to believe Dairy products, milk, cheese are the best sources of calcium.

Could this in fact be untrue, could we have been sold a mis-truth?

From researching the topic, the calcium from Dairy is 6 times the amount of calcium we can absorb.

Not only that, the calcium is so acidic to our bodies that it requires our body to leech calcium from our bones to buffer this acidity.

Can you believe that, taking Dairy can potentially deplete us of calcium in our bones?

The Countries with the highest rate of Osteoporosis actually are those with highest intake of Dairy products.

How can this tally with taking Dairy and reducing risk of osteoporosis, helping our bones?

Taking the argument of nutrition aside, is Dairy a natural food for us to be taking?

We are the only mammal that takes the milk of another mammal beyond gestation period.

Cows are forced to remain pregnant, not allowed to feed their new born calf, because the milk is for human consumption.

Does this seem in any way natural or right?

Could it be possible that a whole industry has orchestrated a dependency upon it’s product falsely?

Yes, they have and more people need to be made aware of the real truths behind this whole industry.

no need for milkMilk contains growth factors which are fine for a growing calf, not in anyway healthy for a human being.

Growth factors make cells grow prolifically, out of control in some cases.

It also contains Pus, can you imagine that Pus. In every food product with milk in it, there is pus and growth factors in it.

These are not healthy nor positive characteristics.

Perhaps this article has provoked further investigation or thought? I hope that it has.

Look beyond the veneer presented by this industry and see the harrowing truths lurking beneath.



Eating a rainbow everyday

rainbow of fruit and vegIf you take time to actually observe fruit and vegetables, you will see the colors of the rainbow.

There is an innate intelligence in nature providing these colours, to attract and offer varying benefits to you.

We have orange colored in the Oranges, apricots, carrots and turmeric, these carry high amounts of Beta Carotene, which is necessary for healthy eyes and skin.

We have the Reds, which include tomatoes, raspberries, cranberries, red grapes, these are very rich in Vitamin C as well as numerous trace minerals and B vitamins.

The yellows come in ginger, lemons and pineapple, these tend to offer Vitamin C, helping strengthen bones and teeth as well as assisting condition of skin.

Greens show up in kale, apples, chard, cucumber, leeks, they tend to offer in the case of Kale, good dosages of iron. Green is a balancing colour.

Aubergines, red plums, beetroot, blueberries demonstrate the purple category.

We have  such an abundance of brightly colored fruit and vegetables

body of fruit and vegThrough including a range of them on a daily basis, you are essentially covering the range of vitamins, minerals, flavenoids and trace elements your body needs in order to have optimum health.

Go out and consciously try to eat a rainbow every day, your body will be fed with the energy and light from these foods.

Growing misunderstanding of meat eaters

This title may cause dissent and anger in some, but is a topic I feel I need to pig

Hear me out, though of course everyone will have their own opinion, which is perfectly entitled.

I find it hard to refrain from my obvious disgust when I see any type of meat being consumed.

This disgust is borne from not only the fact, the meat was once an animal, with life in it’s veins.

It also was an animal which had a high probability of having had a limited life coupled with a painful death.

Now, I have come to realize that not everyone feels the same as I do and I must respect that.

I would ask people to consider, is it right that a chicken should be cramped into an airless,enclosure without sunlight?

Should a cow be forced to remain pregnant to supply societies want of milk for their teas?

A pig, who has been shown to have comparable intelligence to a dog, is chosen to be eat, why?

Would we welcome killing a dog in the manner in which a pig is slaughtered, would it be considered humane?

People may brave the argument that we were meant to be meat eaters and it is a balanced diet with meat in it.

Where exactly did it ever say that early man eat meat, or indeed we cannot obtain a balanced diet devoid of meat?

Any carnivore in nature eats their meat raw and eats every part of the animal, do we, could we?

Carnivores have a small digestive tract, so the meat is digested quickly, we have a very long tract, is this significant?

So even taking the fact that soon to be slaughtered animals are treated worse than a non living thing aside.

The very basis of the meat eating argument for nutritional necessity is completely flawed.happy cow

A balanced vegetarian/vegan diet supplies the body with sufficient iron and it can be supplemented with Vitamin B12.

Meat is detached from it’s origins, dressed up to look far from the animal it came from.

We call pig,pork, a slice of steak, once cow.Do we consider anything about the suffering, life of that animal?

I ask you, if you could, consider the life of that animal, was it a good one, do you know?

I see in meat, pain, suffering, it is not a food I need nor want, hopefully I can provoke thought in those who read this.


Simple alternatives for Home made healthy drinks and meals

I absolutely understand how time is of the essence and how we want to get the most out of any spare time we have.

We want to get the freshest, tastiest, most nutrient dense foods as quickly as we can.

I am going to share a few of my newly favorite alternatives, which can be done really quickly.

Firstly, a really detoxifying, immune enhancing drink;

infused  fruit bottleIngredients requiredJar nearly full of filtered water

                                        1 organic lemon, peeled and sliced

                                        3-4 slices of root ginger(if possible organic)

                                        3-4 chunks of cucumber

InstructionsFill jar with filtered water.Mix in rest of ingredients. Let marinade for at least 30 minutes.Drink and enjoy

This drink is such a healthy alternative to bottled fruit juice and carries with it great flavor and nutritional punch.

For a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes and canned baked beans, you can do mashed potatoes with mashed avocado.You can even add in a few nuts, such as cashew nuts, which give added Vitamin E, selenium and crunch.

Fresh market fruits and vegetablesYou can mix some beetroot, carrot and onion in the blender and add it as toppings to oatcakes, rice cakes or sweet potato.For added tang you can add the enriching apple cider vinegar.

There are plenty of recipes out there now.

A good thing to consider is adding green leafy vegetables to as many meals as you can.

Include seeds and/or nuts in at least one meal a day. Add in the super  foods, the onions, the cruciferous vegetables, the mushrooms, when you can.

At every meal try to include at least two foods which are going to really boost your nutrient uptake and overall health.

If we try to follow these guidelines we cannot fail to feed our wonderful bodies with the foods from which it can thrive.




Cutting ties with refined sugars

sugarI admit that my major downfall is consuming sweet foods which are filled with refined sugars.

Having spoken with many friends and family, I know I am not alone in this absolute addiction.

This life long addiction riddles me with guilt, I know sugar is an immune suppressant .

What can I do,what can we all do to free us finally from this entrapment?

Having researched it religiously, I am now of the opinion, I need to have some sweet foods in my life.

Though the sweetness which comes from an apple is completely different to that from refined cane sugar.

The apple carries with it vitamins, minerals and fibre which buffer the damaging effects of the sugar.

Refined sugar is merely that, a refined food, empty in all regards and damaging to our immunity.

The body recognizes the sugar which is in a fruit,cells run on this type of natural sugar source.

What alternatives are there?what can we do to ensure we don’t succumb to these sugar cravings?

raw cakeMaking your own raw sweet treats using either dates or Stevia is a great alternative.

Doing this can be cheaper, more satisfying and not accompanied by guilt.

I know I need to make the extra effort to ensure I have the ingredients in the cupboard.

It doesn’t require much time to prepare and is deeply satisfying.

Even doing a day or two where you don’t consume refined sugars is a good starting point.

My goal is to rid my diet of refined sugars, like any addiction I must take it slowly.

Try to avoid or reduce refined sugar, look at ingredients too, it is often hidden in foods.


Seeds of change

seedsWe may view seeds as the source of life, from which plants grow.

Do we really consider or know that seeds could provide innumerable benefits to our health also?

When taking an apple, do we discard the seeds? I would advise keeping that seed and chewing it instead.

Apple seeds contain a substance known as Vitamin B17.  This contains four molecules, two of which are cyanide.

Before you gasp in horror, please hear me out.This cyanide quality has been shown to be non toxic to normal cells.

A further discovery highlights that the cyanide is in effect toxic to cancerous cells, a natural chemotherapy perhaps?

Seeds contain Vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and various other qualities dependent on type of seed.

sprouted seedsTwo amazing seeds certainly worth consuming include Flax seeds and Chia seeds.

Chia seeds have been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels, promote heart health and provide rich amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

Flax seeds provide rich sources of essential fatty acids which reduce inflammation and contain lignans, these have been linked to being protective against cancers, in particular of the breast.

To get even richer qualities from seeds, you can soak them overnight in filtered water, a process known as sprouting.

Sprouting has been proven to increase the amount of nutrients which are bioavailable.

Seeds are life, life giving.

Including them in your daily diet has protective and enhancing effects upon your health.

Feeling unable to speak your truth.

PrintToday I encountered a predicament,perhaps other non meat, non dairy consumers, face.

I spoke out about the perils of consuming dairy and was faced with anger, defensiveness and outrage.

The person in question could not align my story with what they had been fed by the media, throughout their lives.

How could it possibly be, that a substance as pure as milk,could possibly have any negative associations?

Well,  for one,we are the only animal which chooses to take the milk of another animal.

milkMilk is obtained by continually keeping the female cows pregnant.

Milk contains Growth hormones and Pus,does this truly sound appealing, no wonder it is excluded from marketing slogans.

After all, milk is necessary for growing bones, for our calcium,right? Wrong, oh how wrong this is.

Milk contains six times the amount of calcium we need, it actually causes calcium to leach from our bones to deal with the acidity it creates, when consumed.

Magnesium is actually a much more needed mineral and is little heard of.It helps the absorption of calcium and is found in leafy greens.

I know when I first discovered the hidden truths behind the dairy industry, it was as though  from there on in, you had to second guess every scrap of material bundled up by the media.

It truly outrages me that these truths are still not filtering through.

Milk is masqueraded as a health product, when it in effect has been shown to potentially disrupt hormone levels.  This can  lead to Oestrogen dominence, which is a particularly worrying effect.

I say, look into it yourself, delve that little bit deeper.We need to know what the qualities of the food we consume are.

We can no longer trust, nor put our faith in the media, if we ever could.  At one stage even smoking was lauded as healthy.

Speak your truth and encourage all around to question.We are what we eatChoose the best quality for you.