Natural Healing

Some hidden depths to some common foods

applesAn apple, you may associate it with childhood, or it may be something you take to remain healthy.

Do we really know the often wondrous qualities of these commonplace foods?

I decided to delve a bit deeper into the additional qualities of some of these foods.

Did you know that that apple could protect your lungs from cigarette smoke?

Apples contain pectin which can remove cholesterol, toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body.

What about Lemons, some may have heard that this is a healthy choice, but do we know the extent of why it is?

Lemons have anti microbial qualities, they can also reduce mucus in body.

They assist the liver, cleanse the blood and treat thick, poorly circulating blood, they also calm the nerves.

Cherries are another wonder fruit, they have been used to treat arthritis and rheumatism.

Cherries are very rich in iron can help treat anaemia, improving condition of the blood.

I revere carrots, I truly do, they are a powerhouse of nutrients and enhance our health innumerably.

Firstly Carrots benefit the lungs, improve the liver functioning, they treat indigestion.

They are alkaline forming, clearing acidic blood conditions such as acne and are a folk remedy for cancer.

The wonderful kale is a magnificent source of chlorophyll, which is rich in magnesium.

beetrootBeetroot, another glorious food, purifies the blood, benefits the liver and helps nervousness.

For those who have never tried Seaweed, I would ask you to do so.

Even in polluted waters they have the ability to purify the toxicity there.

They most resemble the composition of our blood, softening hardened areas in our bodies.

They cleanse our lymph, alkalize our blood and are extremely beneficial to our Thyroid.

This only touches the surface of the overwhelming qualities of nature’s bounty.

Also we get most benefits from taking them in raw form. If you can, choose organic too.

I firmly believe we have everything we need in plant based foods.

 We were designed for our health to flourish in the taking of these foods.



Hormones in crisis?

hormonesI recently went to get Asyra health screening, it screens your body for imbalances, in a natural way.

It was very enlightening and beneficial and I came away with a better understanding of my current health.

One of my imbalances happened to be hormonal, in that I had slight Oestrogen dominance.

I was quite taken aback as I didn’t take dairy, nor meat, but I had been under stress.

High blood sugar levels can also elevate levels of Oestrogen in the body.

Through conversing with friends I have discovered hormonal imbalance in Women is widespread.

What foods or herbs or practices can we all take to keep our hormones in balance?

One fantastic discovery was that Carrot juice is a natural hormone balancer.

carrot juiceFlax seeds have phyto oestrogens, the plant versions of Oestrogen.

These  versions are weaker that our own Oestrogen and can usurp them on receptor sites on our cells.

This ultimately means that taking Flax seed is replacing Strong Oestrogen with a much weaker form.

Agnus Castus is an amazing herb which helps to balance hormones.

Managing stress levels and relaxing more can help keep hormones in check.

Hormone imbalance can also be caused by a Thyroid problem, seaweed is rich in iodine, great for the Thyroid.

Staying clear of plastic packaging or indeed products in plastic is a positive move to keep hormones balanced.

Make up can contain parabens, which mimic hormones, seeking natural make up is a positive step.

One thing I learned is that having your period last 5 days or more is a good indicator your hormones are balanced.

I have incorporated more Carrot juice and less stress in my life and feel much more balanced as a result.

Eating a rainbow everyday

rainbow of fruit and vegIf you take time to actually observe fruit and vegetables, you will see the colors of the rainbow.

There is an innate intelligence in nature providing these colours, to attract and offer varying benefits to you.

We have orange colored in the Oranges, apricots, carrots and turmeric, these carry high amounts of Beta Carotene, which is necessary for healthy eyes and skin.

We have the Reds, which include tomatoes, raspberries, cranberries, red grapes, these are very rich in Vitamin C as well as numerous trace minerals and B vitamins.

The yellows come in ginger, lemons and pineapple, these tend to offer Vitamin C, helping strengthen bones and teeth as well as assisting condition of skin.

Greens show up in kale, apples, chard, cucumber, leeks, they tend to offer in the case of Kale, good dosages of iron. Green is a balancing colour.

Aubergines, red plums, beetroot, blueberries demonstrate the purple category.

We have  such an abundance of brightly colored fruit and vegetables

body of fruit and vegThrough including a range of them on a daily basis, you are essentially covering the range of vitamins, minerals, flavenoids and trace elements your body needs in order to have optimum health.

Go out and consciously try to eat a rainbow every day, your body will be fed with the energy and light from these foods.

Pain as an instigator for change

pain makes people changeRecently, I have been challenged with a lower back issue.

Now, anyone who has had back issues will know what I am talking about, it impacts hugely upon your life.

Initially I thought’ oh no, not again, I really hope this goes away soon’

Soon, it did not, it has been 6 weeks and it is still lingering.

Anyway, having previously been pain free, I was catapulted into a world where going to bed was no longer pleasant.

Touching my toes was absolutely forbidden and even the very act of walking properly was beyond reach.

Now, I say this not for pity, though I had enough self pity for a long while.

Pain wakes you up from your reverie, shakes you down and you can be faced with debilitating fear.

The fear of it not getting better at all, the fear of there being something else wrong with you.

I know I started to evaluate my life, why had this back issue arisen, was I needing time out, time to rest?

Was I happy with my life?

They say a back issue can relate to you feeling you have to carry a burden.

Was I feeling I was carrying a burden?

Having this time to assess and reflect has proven insightful, I realize in some areas of my life, I am not fulfilled.

I had been feeling trapped and a session with a kinesiologist had brought up those very findings.

pain into powerWhere to go next? That will be the challenge.

In the pain lay the blessing of insight.If we all look for it, I believe we can find similar in our own pain.

When life hands you a Lemon, make Lemonade

lemonadeI recall hearing that statement and initially failing to grasp it’s true meaning.

From what I can gather, it is essentially about making the best of every situation which presents itself.

Some of those situations may be more challenging than others.

It is the adaptation of your approach that determines whether that situation will overshadow you, or you will manage it.

On a daily basis you truly do not know who or what will potentially cause you to feel challenged.

Empowering yourself with the tools to ‘pick your battles’ and let others slide, can be a revolutionary practice in your life.

We can walk through life like it is a battlefield, alert and primed for every attack.

Or we can choose to see the best, see the good, look beyond our initial assumptions.

optimist-cha-chaHaving the latter approach is in essence, making something beautiful and sweet out of something bitter.

Changing that lemon to lemonade.

Like everything, it demands practice and vigilance and occasionally we will stumble at hurdles.

Forming the behavior of making the best out of whatever is there, at any given time, has far reaching consequences.

Perhaps we can decide to see a problem with new eyes, seeing perhaps that problem as an opportunity for growth?

Gaining beauty and pleasure from something which we would have discarded as worthless  previously.


The impact of affirmations on my life

gandhi affirmI truly can say, with authority, that doing the practice of affirmations has transformed my life.

This may appear a dramatic statement but it is most unequivocally true.

Initially using positive statements such as- I love and approve of myself, did not come natural to me.

However, the more I affirmed positive statements inwardly, the more I noticed subtle changes.

Changes, not only in how I viewed myself but also in how others around me reacted to me.

My positive perception of myself was now being responded to. Others were reacting to my positivity.

Each one of us, especially those sensitive souls, like myself, are attuned to the nuances of those we engage with.

If someone is energetic and happy, we feed off that and in most cases will react in a positive, energetic way.

If a person is not happy within, it shows in their body language, the words they use, how able they are to give and receive love and compliments.

affirmation treeUsing affirmations,beautiful,uplifting, encouraging and nourishing words has the capability of transforming lives.

Perhaps, growing up, we didn’t receive the encouragement or recognition we so craved or desired.

Doing affirmations gives us that power back.

We then have the capability to carve our thoughts and beliefs about who we are, thus engineering our very promise of the future we wish for.

If you find yourself going through a challenge at work or in your home life, inwardly stating- ‘all is well, everything will work out‘ is in effect being your own best friend at that moment.

Some points to make regarding affirmations is that repetition is the key.

The sentence should  always be stated in a positive statement.

Using carefully constructed words at a given moment,can be profound.

Here are some to start you on your journey towards a more positive, happier and empowered You

I love and approve of myself                                               My potential is unlimited.

I deserve the best and accept it now                                   Life supplies all my needs in great abundance

Wonderful new doors are opening all the time                My body is in perfect health


For more affirmations and why they truly work, look into anything by the inspirational Louise Hay


Your child within

children runningLately I have been fortunate enough to have had new additions to my extended family.

Witnessing that mother carry that child and see the miracle of his or her’s entry into this world,  it is truly awe inspiring.

As we see the various stages in the child’s development, we observe their behavior, we actually learn powerful lessons.

We learn that life is to be enjoyed. A child sees everything as fresh and new. They value the new experience .

As the years etch away, our eyes can become jaded, causing us to blindly walk through life.

child happinessA child runs at life. Wanting simply to have fun, be happy and to explore.

When was the last time  we ran at life? When we allowed ourselves to indulge fully in the state of happiness?

There are times to be serious but seriously those times can be too long for some.

Laughter, joy and happiness are some of the best remedies for every ailment out there.

Let that inner child peek out more, in fact, let them stay a while.

That child we once were, is still within and has a role to play in our current lives as adults.

Seeds of change

seedsWe may view seeds as the source of life, from which plants grow.

Do we really consider or know that seeds could provide innumerable benefits to our health also?

When taking an apple, do we discard the seeds? I would advise keeping that seed and chewing it instead.

Apple seeds contain a substance known as Vitamin B17.  This contains four molecules, two of which are cyanide.

Before you gasp in horror, please hear me out.This cyanide quality has been shown to be non toxic to normal cells.

A further discovery highlights that the cyanide is in effect toxic to cancerous cells, a natural chemotherapy perhaps?

Seeds contain Vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and various other qualities dependent on type of seed.

sprouted seedsTwo amazing seeds certainly worth consuming include Flax seeds and Chia seeds.

Chia seeds have been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels, promote heart health and provide rich amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.

Flax seeds provide rich sources of essential fatty acids which reduce inflammation and contain lignans, these have been linked to being protective against cancers, in particular of the breast.

To get even richer qualities from seeds, you can soak them overnight in filtered water, a process known as sprouting.

Sprouting has been proven to increase the amount of nutrients which are bioavailable.

Seeds are life, life giving.

Including them in your daily diet has protective and enhancing effects upon your health.

Nourished body, nourished life.

fruitFor many, food is but an end to hunger, a pleasant taste.

Few see that it is in fact the fuel in our tank.

White food goods become the norm, seeds get taken out, a denatured substance remains.

You only have to reach the five a day, yet few even get their one.

We choose the pill over food, less messy, less effective.

As the masses remain bewitched by image and turn their back on logic.

We find ourselves stocked full of prematurely old and ill people.

The fruit and vegetable need to have their moment in the spotlight, flaunt their fares.

Nature, untouched, seeded, whole and pure, fills our cells with that which they crave, that which they need.

The masses need to awaken to the absolute need to embrace natures, natural foods.




Some ideas on facing the current threat of Ebola

virus1Ebola, how that word is now dominating every news broadcast.

Truly it has the power to instill a chilling fear into our hearts.

My own views,perhaps controversial, are that, not enough has been done and still not enough is being done.

We have the technology, the ability in the Western world to provide enough protective equipment, to provide the necessary to contain the virus.

I cannot understand how flights from affected areas are not being scrutinised much more thoroughly.Currently people’s temperature s are being taken and they are asked to fill out questionnaires.

Personally I would halt, temporarily, all outgoing flights from affected Countries.

This is the first case of Ebola travelling across Continents and Countries.

On a more proactive and positive note, there are measures we, as individuals can take.

What the Governments do, unfortunately is somewhat outside our control.

As a virus, Ebola has been shown to be killed by Ultraviolet light.Light from the sun has the potential to stop this in it’s tracks.

There is the technology in the US, a machine which emits Ultraviolet light and can be used to clean the rooms where Ebola victims can he held.

collodialsilverAnother promising aid is Colloidal silver.It has been shown to attack the very energy mechanism of a virus.

Boosting our immune system provides us with the best defence we can take at this point.Herbs such as cayenne pepper, root ginger,cinnamon,cloves, Pau d’arco and Aloe vera are extremely beneficial.

Washing our hands and being careful about touching surfaces are also measures we can take.

I truly hope that this virus can be contained. Empower yourself and protect yourself as best you can.

Thoughts are with Ebola victims and families of those affected.