Wishing to shift weight? Could you be malnourished?

weightThis is a popular and serious topic for many, the area of losing weight.

Each one of us wishes to be healthy and it is not about achieving stick thin status.

We all have our natural weight that is right for us, we all have an instinct as to what that is for us.

I have encountered many people who, no matter how many diets, can’t seem to shift that stubborn weight.

A myriad of attacks are deployed, deprivation, calorie counting, point counting, but all to no avail.

Could it be that instead of depriving our bodies, we need to feed it more, more of the good stuff?

More fruits, more vegetables and yes even more fats?

I hear you recoil in horror, no, not the fat, this erroneous belief about fats is built upon often false information.

We actually need fat, to insulate organs, to produce hormones and fuel our cells. We need the good fats.

Fats such as Olive oil , Sesame seed oil, flax seed oil, even Coconut oil.

Flax seed oil has actually been proven to burn off other fats. Olive oil is so nutrient dense.

Carbohydrate could be just as likely to be converted in the body to fat, as fat could be itself.

If our bodies lack certain nutrients we cry out for them and over eat, in the hope to acquire these nutrients.

However if what we are eating is still failing to quench that need, we continue to eat and eat.

food medicineOur bodies will feel more satiated if we have supplied them with a wide variety of nutrients.

The foods which are more nutrient dense include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, seaweeds and legumes.

The fibre which comes along with these foods naturally helps our digestion and weight management.

I truly believe it is the food choices we make which affect our propensity to store weight or get rid of it.

So called healthier alternatives, low sugar means high artificial sweetener, low fat means high carbohydrate.

Artificial sweeteners have been proven to make people more likely to store fat.

I would ask you to change your attitude towards food, it is not the enemy.

Food can be tasty and you can have plenty of it, if you choose the healthier natural, plant based foods.

Of course food is only part of the solution, increasing activity also plays a role in weight management.

Sometimes too, there can be other reasons, such as thyroid problems, these can be checked by the doctor.

If we stay as close to nature as we can, food which has not been interfered with but rather taken as nature intended.

Try it out, see if it works for you.

I truly believe you will not only maintain a healthy weight but improve overall health too.