Growing misunderstanding of meat eaters

This title may cause dissent and anger in some, but is a topic I feel I need to pig

Hear me out, though of course everyone will have their own opinion, which is perfectly entitled.

I find it hard to refrain from my obvious disgust when I see any type of meat being consumed.

This disgust is borne from not only the fact, the meat was once an animal, with life in it’s veins.

It also was an animal which had a high probability of having had a limited life coupled with a painful death.

Now, I have come to realize that not everyone feels the same as I do and I must respect that.

I would ask people to consider, is it right that a chicken should be cramped into an airless,enclosure without sunlight?

Should a cow be forced to remain pregnant to supply societies want of milk for their teas?

A pig, who has been shown to have comparable intelligence to a dog, is chosen to be eat, why?

Would we welcome killing a dog in the manner in which a pig is slaughtered, would it be considered humane?

People may brave the argument that we were meant to be meat eaters and it is a balanced diet with meat in it.

Where exactly did it ever say that early man eat meat, or indeed we cannot obtain a balanced diet devoid of meat?

Any carnivore in nature eats their meat raw and eats every part of the animal, do we, could we?

Carnivores have a small digestive tract, so the meat is digested quickly, we have a very long tract, is this significant?

So even taking the fact that soon to be slaughtered animals are treated worse than a non living thing aside.

The very basis of the meat eating argument for nutritional necessity is completely flawed.happy cow

A balanced vegetarian/vegan diet supplies the body with sufficient iron and it can be supplemented with Vitamin B12.

Meat is detached from it’s origins, dressed up to look far from the animal it came from.

We call pig,pork, a slice of steak, once cow.Do we consider anything about the suffering, life of that animal?

I ask you, if you could, consider the life of that animal, was it a good one, do you know?

I see in meat, pain, suffering, it is not a food I need nor want, hopefully I can provoke thought in those who read this.