Cutting ties with refined sugars

sugarI admit that my major downfall is consuming sweet foods which are filled with refined sugars.

Having spoken with many friends and family, I know I am not alone in this absolute addiction.

This life long addiction riddles me with guilt, I know sugar is an immune suppressant .

What can I do,what can we all do to free us finally from this entrapment?

Having researched it religiously, I am now of the opinion, I need to have some sweet foods in my life.

Though the sweetness which comes from an apple is completely different to that from refined cane sugar.

The apple carries with it vitamins, minerals and fibre which buffer the damaging effects of the sugar.

Refined sugar is merely that, a refined food, empty in all regards and damaging to our immunity.

The body recognizes the sugar which is in a fruit,cells run on this type of natural sugar source.

What alternatives are there?what can we do to ensure we don’t succumb to these sugar cravings?

raw cakeMaking your own raw sweet treats using either dates or Stevia is a great alternative.

Doing this can be cheaper, more satisfying and not accompanied by guilt.

I know I need to make the extra effort to ensure I have the ingredients in the cupboard.

It doesn’t require much time to prepare and is deeply satisfying.

Even doing a day or two where you don’t consume refined sugars is a good starting point.

My goal is to rid my diet of refined sugars, like any addiction I must take it slowly.

Try to avoid or reduce refined sugar, look at ingredients too, it is often hidden in foods.