Feeling unable to speak your truth.

PrintToday I encountered a predicament,perhaps other non meat, non dairy consumers, face.

I spoke out about the perils of consuming dairy and was faced with anger, defensiveness and outrage.

The person in question could not align my story with what they had been fed by the media, throughout their lives.

How could it possibly be, that a substance as pure as milk,could possibly have any negative associations?

Well,  for one,we are the only animal which chooses to take the milk of another animal.

milkMilk is obtained by continually keeping the female cows pregnant.

Milk contains Growth hormones and Pus,does this truly sound appealing, no wonder it is excluded from marketing slogans.

After all, milk is necessary for growing bones, for our calcium,right? Wrong, oh how wrong this is.

Milk contains six times the amount of calcium we need, it actually causes calcium to leach from our bones to deal with the acidity it creates, when consumed.

Magnesium is actually a much more needed mineral and is little heard of.It helps the absorption of calcium and is found in leafy greens.

I know when I first discovered the hidden truths behind the dairy industry, it was as though  from there on in, you had to second guess every scrap of material bundled up by the media.

It truly outrages me that these truths are still not filtering through.

Milk is masqueraded as a health product, when it in effect has been shown to potentially disrupt hormone levels.  This can  lead to Oestrogen dominence, which is a particularly worrying effect.

I say, look into it yourself, delve that little bit deeper.We need to know what the qualities of the food we consume are.

We can no longer trust, nor put our faith in the media, if we ever could.  At one stage even smoking was lauded as healthy.

Speak your truth and encourage all around to question.We are what we eatChoose the best quality for you.