Has the Dairy industry deceived us?

goood for calfHas indeed the Dairy industry deceived us? I believe so, yes.

First of all, we have been led to believe Dairy products, milk, cheese are the best sources of calcium.

Could this in fact be untrue, could we have been sold a mis-truth?

From researching the topic, the calcium from Dairy is 6 times the amount of calcium we can absorb.

Not only that, the calcium is so acidic to our bodies that it requires our body to leech calcium from our bones to buffer this acidity.

Can you believe that, taking Dairy can potentially deplete us of calcium in our bones?

The Countries with the highest rate of Osteoporosis actually are those with highest intake of Dairy products.

How can this tally with taking Dairy and reducing risk of osteoporosis, helping our bones?

Taking the argument of nutrition aside, is Dairy a natural food for us to be taking?

We are the only mammal that takes the milk of another mammal beyond gestation period.

Cows are forced to remain pregnant, not allowed to feed their new born calf, because the milk is for human consumption.

Does this seem in any way natural or right?

Could it be possible that a whole industry has orchestrated a dependency upon it’s product falsely?

Yes, they have and more people need to be made aware of the real truths behind this whole industry.

no need for milkMilk contains growth factors which are fine for a growing calf, not in anyway healthy for a human being.

Growth factors make cells grow prolifically, out of control in some cases.

It also contains Pus, can you imagine that Pus. In every food product with milk in it, there is pus and growth factors in it.

These are not healthy nor positive characteristics.

Perhaps this article has provoked further investigation or thought? I hope that it has.

Look beyond the veneer presented by this industry and see the harrowing truths lurking beneath.