Some ideas on facing the current threat of Ebola

virus1Ebola, how that word is now dominating every news broadcast.

Truly it has the power to instill a chilling fear into our hearts.

My own views,perhaps controversial, are that, not enough has been done and still not enough is being done.

We have the technology, the ability in the Western world to provide enough protective equipment, to provide the necessary to contain the virus.

I cannot understand how flights from affected areas are not being scrutinised much more thoroughly.Currently people’s temperature s are being taken and they are asked to fill out questionnaires.

Personally I would halt, temporarily, all outgoing flights from affected Countries.

This is the first case of Ebola travelling across Continents and Countries.

On a more proactive and positive note, there are measures we, as individuals can take.

What the Governments do, unfortunately is somewhat outside our control.

As a virus, Ebola has been shown to be killed by Ultraviolet light.Light from the sun has the potential to stop this in it’s tracks.

There is the technology in the US, a machine which emits Ultraviolet light and can be used to clean the rooms where Ebola victims can he held.

collodialsilverAnother promising aid is Colloidal silver.It has been shown to attack the very energy mechanism of a virus.

Boosting our immune system provides us with the best defence we can take at this point.Herbs such as cayenne pepper, root ginger,cinnamon,cloves, Pau d’arco and Aloe vera are extremely beneficial.

Washing our hands and being careful about touching surfaces are also measures we can take.

I truly hope that this virus can be contained. Empower yourself and protect yourself as best you can.

Thoughts are with Ebola victims and families of those affected.