Your child within

children runningLately I have been fortunate enough to have had new additions to my extended family.

Witnessing that mother carry that child and see the miracle of his or her’s entry into this world,¬† it is truly awe inspiring.

As we see the various stages in the child’s development, we observe their behavior, we actually learn powerful lessons.

We learn that life is to be enjoyed. A child sees everything as fresh and new. They value the new experience .

As the years etch away, our eyes can become jaded, causing us to blindly walk through life.

child happinessA child runs at life. Wanting simply to have fun, be happy and to explore.

When was the last time  we ran at life? When we allowed ourselves to indulge fully in the state of happiness?

There are times to be serious but seriously those times can be too long for some.

Laughter, joy and happiness are some of the best remedies for every ailment out there.

Let that inner child peek out more, in fact, let them stay a while.

That child we once were, is still within and has a role to play in our current lives as adults.