When life hands you a Lemon, make Lemonade

lemonadeI recall hearing that statement and initially failing to grasp it’s true meaning.

From what I can gather, it is essentially about making the best of every situation which presents itself.

Some of those situations may be more challenging than others.

It is the adaptation of your approach that determines whether that situation will overshadow you, or you will manage it.

On a daily basis you truly do not know who or what will potentially cause you to feel challenged.

Empowering yourself with the tools to ‘pick your battles’ and let others slide, can be a revolutionary practice in your life.

We can walk through life like it is a battlefield, alert and primed for every attack.

Or we can choose to see the best, see the good, look beyond our initial assumptions.

optimist-cha-chaHaving the latter approach is in essence, making something beautiful and sweet out of something bitter.

Changing that lemon to lemonade.

Like everything, it demands practice and vigilance and occasionally we will stumble at hurdles.

Forming the behavior of making the best out of whatever is there, at any given time, has far reaching consequences.

Perhaps we can decide to see a problem with new eyes, seeing perhaps that problem as an opportunity for growth?

Gaining beauty and pleasure from something which we would have discarded as worthless  previously.