The impact of affirmations on my life

gandhi affirmI truly can say, with authority, that doing the practice of affirmations has transformed my life.

This may appear a dramatic statement but it is most unequivocally true.

Initially using positive statements such as- I love and approve of myself, did not come natural to me.

However, the more I affirmed positive statements inwardly, the more I noticed subtle changes.

Changes, not only in how I viewed myself but also in how others around me reacted to me.

My positive perception of myself was now being responded to. Others were reacting to my positivity.

Each one of us, especially those sensitive souls, like myself, are attuned to the nuances of those we engage with.

If someone is energetic and happy, we feed off that and in most cases will react in a positive, energetic way.

If a person is not happy within, it shows in their body language, the words they use, how able they are to give and receive love and compliments.

affirmation treeUsing affirmations,beautiful,uplifting, encouraging and nourishing words has the capability of transforming lives.

Perhaps, growing up, we didn’t receive the encouragement or recognition we so craved or desired.

Doing affirmations gives us that power back.

We then have the capability to carve our thoughts and beliefs about who we are, thus engineering our very promise of the future we wish for.

If you find yourself going through a challenge at work or in your home life, inwardly stating- ‘all is well, everything will work out‘ is in effect being your own best friend at that moment.

Some points to make regarding affirmations is that repetition is the key.

The sentence should  always be stated in a positive statement.

Using carefully constructed words at a given moment,can be profound.

Here are some to start you on your journey towards a more positive, happier and empowered You

I love and approve of myself                                               My potential is unlimited.

I deserve the best and accept it now                                   Life supplies all my needs in great abundance

Wonderful new doors are opening all the time                My body is in perfect health


For more affirmations and why they truly work, look into anything by the inspirational Louise Hay