How much are we willing to pay for good food?

Good food, what is it?

Is it the gourmet meal, offering delicacies such as caviar or snails?

good foodIn my mind no, in my mind good food is the organic fruits and vegetables and herbs.

The people who produce these foods very often do not get remunerated adequately for their efforts.

If they don’t get enough to profit from their work, they will be forced to seek work elsewhere.

Having spent time on an organic Blueberry farm, I realize how special the process of food cultivation is.

We are perhaps not aware that the Supermarkets have driven down the cost of fruit and vegetables.

This then forces the organic farmer to compete and consumers can face the dilemma of why go organic?

Organic means no pesticides, no herbicides.

These chemicals laced upon the food are extremely detrimental to our health.

Essentially through buying food in these forms we endorse it, we are paying less but at what cost to our health?

organicI go to market every week and  buy organic,  I speak with the guys who work in the fields through the weeks.

Honestly I don’t notice it being expensive, it fills me with joy to know I am getting ultimate goodness from the produce.

If you don’t already choose organic, I would ask you to consider it

Organic, locally produced food, works with nature and feeds you with that power of nature too.