Foods to help protect against inflammation and Cancer

Inflammation in the body is often the body’s warning sign that your body is in an acidic state.

Inflammation also is the starting point which can lead to Cancer, heart disease and a multitude of ailments.

What can we all do, on a daily basis, to help our bodies ward off inflammation in the body?

aloe veraOne of the top foods is Aloe vera, it contains six or more anti inflammatory agents.

Aloe boosts your immune response and research has shown it can shut off the blood supply to tumors in the body.

Ginger is a must have in the diet to eradicate inflammation, also Turmeric which is part of the ginger family.

Echinacea is an immune system enhancer.It increases the amount of T cells, which are a critical element of our immune system.

Green Tea helps ward off inflammation, protects the body against Cancer.

lemonsLemons or pure lemon juice are filled full of Vitamin C, High amounts of Vitamin C have been proven to be toxic to Cancer cells.

Apricot Kernal seeds have proven to have B17, which has a natural cyanide within it.This cyanide is released when it encounters a cancer cell, it leaves healthy cells intact.

Incorporating as many of these foods in our daily life is investing in our long term health.