Why listening is so much more than hearing words

hearingMy job involves listening to people’s queries and trying to resolve them over a phone.

I don’t get to see their body language, their eyes, all I can work with are words and their ability to express.

It can be a challenge but I do think, through working through this medium, you are forced to develop listening skills.

People want and need to be heard, they need to feel you are interested in their lives.

We all know that we gravitate towards those people who really listen to you and seem to care.

We tend to avoid those who like to constantly talk about themselves and never pick up on anything you say.

I believe we all want to feel special, like we lead interesting lives and we are entitled to feeling like this.

listeningHow can we be better listeners?I think being silent whilst others speak is a fine starting point.

Allowing the other person to finish their train of thought, then picking up on whatever they have been saying.

To truly listen is to respect another, to have interest in them, people appreciate this greatly.

I am by stretch of the imagination an expert in this field, I am learning too.

I do feel, truly listening is something we all should consider.

Being absolutely present in the moment when we are witness to  another persons  feelings or concerns.

This can only enrich relationships and improve your life and those in your life.