The art of gratitude

gratitudeBeing grateful is truly an art and is a honed skill.

What does being grateful truly mean to you, to each one of us?

In my mind being grateful is when, at that time, you are immersed in an absolute state of appreciation.

Truly, we can all be guilty of taking things for granted.

It is only when we are presented with a crisis, health situation or suchlike, that it suddenly dawns on us that what we have, is truly a great deal.

Do we even ponder on what it actually takes for our bodies to run smoothly, every day?

gratitude 4Having a grateful heart and mind absolutely shifts our mindset from one of lack, to one of plenty.

Instead of seeing what we don’t have, whether it is the latest gadget or job, we see all the true abundance that surrounds us.

Starting our days listing all the seemingly small,though in fact great, things we have, creates the prism through which we see that day.

This gift of life isĀ  exactly that, a gift.We are lucky to partake in this life where we have ultimate choice to do as we see fit.

Be grateful for the very breath that supplies all of your organs with the fuel to keep you going.

Life is not there to be taken for granted.