Being overwhelmed in Marrakesh

moroccoI recently visited Marrakesh, Morocco.  I knew that being a vegan would be a challenge here, but wanted to experience the culture.

Walking the narrow, cobble streets of the Old Town, risking our lives being mowed down by  Motorbikes, we found a place called ‘Kuy-Zin’.

There was a splendid roof terrace, where we could view  the skyline.  Looking through the menu, granted it was limited for me, but I could get the traditional vegetarian Tagine.

A Tagine is basically akin to a stew, though not as pureed perhaps.  I must admit it was very tasty.

Morocco has a heavy meat intake.

To describe Morocco respectfully I could use a word’ madness‘, I could also use a phrase’ survival of the fittest’

Crossing the road in itself was dicing with death.

The senses were overwhelmed with the petrol fumes from all the motorbikes and taxis passing, the occasional stench of sewage and the continuous hustle bustle of people passing.

Beauty was to be found in the vibrant headscarves of the women, in contrast to the dull cobble buildings.  The sound of the worship reigning throughout the city echoed and demanded respect.

We were fortunate enough to come into close contact with a small group of Camels whilst there.  They ,in some way epitomise the essence of the Country which they inhabit, sturdy, immune to the hardship and survivors.

Overall from a vegan perspective, you are most likely to find one dish at least which can be made vegan.I did find it quite easy to source fresh  juices, carrot and ginger quickly became a favourite of mine there.