When your greatest challenge is yourself

man_in_the_mirror___cas_tiel_by_fuileachd-d3hi98gIt struck me today, not for the first time,but perhaps harder than usual, that truly my greatest challenge is myself.

Am I alone in this, or is this common?

I strive to be positive yet find myself getting agitated at the car in front who won’t go when the green light goes on the traffic lights.

I get stung at any criticism and revert back to defensive mode.

My partner, who might I add has a superb attitude in most, if not all things, often times helps me to re-frame my situation.

It is exactly that, how I have chosen to perceive the situation. Whether that was carved from any number of factors in my childhood or whether it is reliant somewhat upon what genetic makeup I carry.  The end result is that I have to learn how to re-frame my perceptions.

Now, I am not being negative nor down upon myself, feeling low about my abilities in fact has no doubt contributed to my current situation.

I am choosing to see this as hopefully a turning point.

I am sure we all carry our own struggles.If we look closer within we may see elements which we run from or disengage from.

Those situations that keep coming back and back, in perhaps different forms, are there, not as punishment but actually as lessons.

Theoretically it is always easier to accept, to understand.  I hope I am not alone in feeling that it is the actual practical demonstration of the desired behaviour which is the major challenge.

This life is truly a journey and we each lead our own unique lives.

One thing I can say definitively is this, we need to be gentle with ourselves.  Yes, we need to grow but we also require nourishment.We all have unique talents and abilities.

Recognize your own talents and use them.If you do that, you are leading the best life possible for you.

I have to learn to accept it is ok to be me.  I don’t need to compare, only enjoy and appreciate my uniqueness.Embrace my own precious life. Embrace your unique and special lives.