The harsh realities of the Cancer Industry

ChemotherapyThis is a topic which I have dipped my toes into, on and off for at least five years.

This topic is a controversial one and I have seen that upon talking about it with friends and family.

Many people are shocked that I should be interested in such a topic.

I say, unequivocally, that my intentions are absolutely pure.  I truly only want to bring another angle to what we have been led to believe.

For all those people who are suffering, who are living with Cancer, my intention is to perhaps equip you with some tools to  aid you in your journey towards healing.

It is a huge topic, with many layers.

Firstly, the three permitted ways of dealing with Cancer, now, involve harsh chemicals, chemo, burning, radiation and cutting the body open, surgery.  Having researched this area extensively, truthfully, I think these methods are outdated, brutal and barbaric.

Little do people realize that there are hundreds of alternatives out there.

I am not saying there is one cure for cancer.  There are many, but there so many factors and it is a complex topic.

Anyone who has gone through Chemo and is well now, I am delighted.  I feel that it is, in spite of the treatment and not because of it.

It may also be a surprise to think of the Cancer industry to be, an industry, concerned about profits and patents.

Well meaning people run each year and truly believe they are making a difference.  However it has been shown and highlighted that those funds very often go to pay the hefty salaries of those high up the chain in the Industry.

It is a huge shift to actually question the intentions of those operating within the industry.  We want to believe in the purity of intentions, especially when it involves something as serious as Cancer.

Everyone in this world knows someone who has been touched by Cancer.  That word alone can instill the most chilling fear into someones heart.

Cancer is another Chronic disease, like Alzheimers, like diabetes.  Of course they are different but they are all under that category.

Yet could it be said that Cancer appears to be the most feared.

The War on cancer was proclaimed in 1971 by the then, President of the US, President Nixon.  We are now 43 years after that.

The statistics show that there have been no improvements.  The success rate stands at 2.1%.

At 2.1%, does this resonate as a success?  Would we have faith in the potential of such methods of treatment at this percentage?

The industry uses a five year success rate way of recording statistics.  That means that if someone lives 5 years and one day after diagnosis, they are still included in the data as a success.

As far as  I was concerned a success is when you can live much, much longer than 5 years.

The Cancer industry falls back upon needing scientific data to support any choice of treatment.  They tend to pass scorn upon any ‘quackery’, that may have anecdotal evidence and testimonials.

Unfortunately, alternative treatments for Cancer, very often fall under the natural food or herb categories, thus can’t be patented, as a result are of no interest to any drug company for any investment.

Thankfully there are a lot of people who are doing their best to get information out there.  Information which is being endorsed by Doctors, by Oncology doctors, by people who adhere to science and facts.

I am going to do a few articles on this topic, this is only to lay the foundations.

Please read the other articles and pursue further investigation yourselves.