Have you heard the expression’ Eat dirt’, well who would have thought it actually was seriously good advice.

So good in fact that it could be the answer to a lot of problems we are bombarded with, nowadays.

Let me explain…….

Clay and dirt have been utiized by Indigenous people, potentially over 200 cultures.  Every animal eats dirt and clay on a regular basis.

Do they know something, instinctively, we have overlooked, somewhere?

There is actually science behind the consumption of clay.

Clay has a negative charge, when it is combined with water it covers a huge surface area.  It acts like a sponge and draws substances such as heavy metals, viruses, radiation, which have a positive charge to them.  Clay is not absorbed but merely draws these toxins safely out of the body.

What a magnificent substance.

Consideration needs to be made if one is on pharmaceutical drugs, as the mechanism of the clay can be impeded by certain drugs and homeopathic remedies.

It is advised that the clay is consumed on an empty stomach, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

You can use Green Clay.  I use a brand called ‘Archital’, they obtain the clay from Sicily.  Bentonite clay can also be used.

In the current situation where we are bombarded with toxic fumes from cars, from industry and radiation from Fukushima, we need every ally we can gather.  This is a harmless substance, highly effective and very affordable.

You need to only use a teaspoon of the clay mixed with a little water(preferably filtered).

green clay


Reach for the clay, there is true wisdom in nature.