Getting in tune with your natural skin

coconut oilI am all in  favor of using products on our skins which we wouldn’t have a problem eating.

In other words, as natural as can be.

Did you know the best cleanser for your skin is actually Oil, nut and seed oils?The oil draws the dirt and impurities from the skin.  You can either use a Muslin cloth or natural cotton wool.

I am often amazed when I look at the ingredients of skin care products, even natural ones.  They tend to be over priced and even the most natural, can have some, not so natural, elements.

Truthfully, I would advise everyone to make their own oils upOils have been shown to be more nourishing then creams, they also tend to penetrate deeper into the layers of our skin.

Oils which you can use singly or collectively could include; Coconut oil, Sesame seed oil, Avocado oil,  Hemp seed oil,  Carrot oil or Rosehip oil.

They all have a multitude of Vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals, necessary for optimum skin health, namely vitamin E, Beta carotene, Omega 3 and Vitamin c.

facial massageI would also highly recommend upon administering the oil, indulging your face with a mini facial.  You can use pressure points on Forehead, along cheekbones and around the eye sockets.

Anything put on the skin in essence gets into our blood stream.  Through using these highly nourishing oils, we also enhance the vitamin and mineral content in our blood stream and do not add to the toxic stream.

One other area people maybe do not consider is also the make up arena.  Many of the popular brands contain parabens, they mimic hormonesLipstick, which is often slathered on regularly is one of the main culprits in having damaging substances, toxic to the body.

There are a lot of natural make up brands out there.  I find a one stop shop is a website called’ The natural skincare company‘, they have a wide variety of options and truthfully I think their prices are very reasonable.

Branding is big business, marketing famous faces using certain brands shouldn’t be enough for us to believe it is a good product.

Be discerning, choose more natural if you can.