Time seems to be ticking awfully fast

Do you find people saying a lot lately that time seems to be going particularly fast?

I do and often comment upon this myself.

Is time going faster or what is happening?

Time_Keeps_Ticking_Away_by_DeviantVickyI am afraid I don’t have a scientific answer for that.  I know I, for one, want to make the most of that precious time.

What can we all do to try to get the most from our time?

I think setting written goals and plans can be really helpful.  If we particularly want to do something but feel we never have the time, putting it into our plan, prioritizes it.  Makes it real, puts it forefront in our minds

Are we at everyone else’s beck and call? Maybe we don’t feel we have time to do anything for ourselves?

I would recommend truly thinking about what makes you happy?

It doesn’t have to be big, bold, whatever gets that smile to cross your face, plan it into your schedule.

It isn’t selfish to do things for yourself, particularly Mothers can have that guilt complex.  If you aren’t in a happy place, you can’t spread that happiness, you will instead spread anger and resentment.

If you feed that joy within and saturate your mind with happy experiences, you are making time your friend.

Follow your happiness!