Blueberry Paradise

In 2009/2010 I had literally the most fulfilling, satisfying and authentic experience of my whole life.

I went to New Zealand, with the intention of Working on Organic farms.

It was to be a time of peace, reflection, good, nourishing food and adventure.

I had many wonderful, unique experiences.  Without doubt the most influential being my time spent in a Blueberry farm in Upper Hutt, North of Wellington.

The absolute peace in that location was unlike anything I had experienced before.

blueberriesWalking through a field of Blueberry trees, laden with fruit, picking the spoils as I walked, happens to be a scene I imagine time and time again.

Eating nearly a bucket of Organic Blueberries every day for 10 weeks was simply devine.

Blueberries nourish our eye sight, help with blood sugar and also help our arteries.  They also are absolutely delicious.

I was fortunate to meet a bunch of wonderful souls, namely Mandi, Kathy,Tanja and Jordi.  They all touched my life and built memories I can store forever.

I connected with who I truly was there.  Through the peace surfaced my serenityThrough the nourishing food, my optimum health sprung forth

I would highly recommend to anyone to embark upon a voyage, listen to your instinct and pursue it.

I learnt through that experience,  it is so important to follow your happiness.

It really is, and can be, that simple