My love affair with Dance

From a child I have the distinct recollection of getting my tape recorder, yes we had those in the 80’s, and getting my Madonna albums, dancing my heart out.

It always felt right, flowing and in essence the epitomy of self expression.

danceThere are many dance types out there and I have tried many, Salsa, Hip Hop,Irish, Contemporary,Belly dancing, Bollywood, even African.

To dance is to create, to fall in sync with the music and become one with it.  Intertwined, you feast upon the energy that pumps through your veins.

It is much more than exercise, although of course it can work every muscle in the body, toning muscles you didn’t know existed.

I had the privilege to be part of an ensemble of Bollywood dancers who danced at the Opening Ceremony for the World Police and fire Games in 2013.  We practiced for about two months and had a four minute piece on stage.  I can truthfully say, the euphoria was amazing, it was an momentous occasion in my life.

I know this love of Dance is part of who I am.  Dance invokes in me a power and a strength I rarely see or get elsewhere.

Dance is distinct to you.  In my mind there is no right or wrong in dance, merely an opportunity to taste absolute freedom.