Getting to clear my Colon and such matters


I spent an evening clearing my Colon.
Well I actually got assistance in the matter, pardon the pun.
I went to Synergy Healthcare , based on Cregagh Road in Belfast, and made good use of the deal they were offering. It included an Ozone therapy Sauna and a Colonic Hydrotherapy.
Like most people, I was initially reticent and was conflicted in whether I thought a Colonic was actually good for you. Concerned about losing those all important good bacteria.
The benefits of Colonics, for short, are improved bowel regularity, increased energy and a boost of the immune system, to name a few.
Before having my Colonic, I went to a room and was shown the one person Sauna, which fed in Ozone as well. This was something I was excited about.
Ozone has three oxygen molecules unlike oxygen, which we breathe in, which has two oxygen molecules. That additional molecule scours the body and has innumerable health benefits upon the body.
It can stimulate the immune system. Help the liver detoxify and kill bacteria, viruses and any yeasts, these benefits are not exhaustive.
Getting down to how I felt, well the ozone sauna was very similar to a sauna. Knowing that my body was sweating out toxins was extremely satisfying .The experience was very pleasant and upon finishing I felt very relaxed and purified.
Now, the colonic, I am not going to get into the gory details. Suffice it to say that it was surprisingly unobtrusive and somewhat pleasant.
I enjoyed the interaction with the ladies carrying out the procedure and at no point was it unpleasant.
I felt cleansed and uplifted afterwards. It was a great package. Highly recommend to anyone.
Nothing like an evening of cleansing.