A mouthy subject, ways to nurture our teeth and gums.

teeth_and_meridiansI have long been interested in this topic and wanted to share what I have come across.
Firstly, a little known fact is that the health of our mouth basically dictates the health of our bodies.
It has been shown that there lies a correlation between problems with certain teeth and areas of the body. Each tooth follows a meridian path way and is connected to a part of the body.
The health of our teeth is highly reliant upon the health of our gums.
One way to nurture our gums is through gum massage, ideally with oils. Oils which specifically help would include Neem oil, Sesame seed oil, coconut oil, lavender oil or tea tree oil.
The lavender and tee tree would need to be mixed with a carrier oil, for example Sesame seed oil. You could use 5-10 drops of the Lavender/tea tree in a small bottle of Sesame seed oil.
In Ayurvedic medicine, which originates in India, they partake in the practice of oil swishing. This involves the swishing of oil in the mouth for up to four minutes. This is said to not only clean the mouth but also draw out toxins from the rest of the body. They tend to use Sesame Seed oil, it is called ‘the mother’ of all oils due to its mass of attributes.
Another less well known method of cleaning teeth is with an item called the Blotting brush. Very few people I talk to have heard of this. It isn’t advertised. I came across it through chance on another natural products website.
The idea of a blotting brush is that it uses tapping as opposed to a swirling action in the mouth. It is said to draw plague to it, in much the same manner as paint being drawn up into the bristles of a paint brush. No toothpaste is used. It is very affordable and lasts a long time.
Alternatively a light activated ionic tooth brush could be utilised. It has a titanium rod which is a semi conductor. When exposed to natural light, the rod releases negative ions which pull the positive ions from the plague in your mouth, disintegrating the plague. This is slightly more expensive but very effective and again no toothpaste is needed.
Conventional toothpaste is filled full of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, artificial sweeteners and Fluoride. Sodium Lauryl sulphate is known as a carcinogen, causing hormonal imbalances. Fluoride was once widely used as an insecticide. Do these sound healthy substances to be swirling in our mouths twice a day?
This article was written with the view to shed light on alternatives. You can find natural toothpastes, slightly more expensive than conventional ones, but infinitely safer. Possibly people might be inspired to try the blotting brush or oil swishing?
Healthy mouths founder healthy bodies. Let’s all try to make healthier, informed choices.