Finding your inner peace

sun rising meditationFinding peace within is not always permanent, it is transitory, dependent on moods, dependent on circumstances.

We all know what it feels like to be content.I am sure we can all recall moments where we felt totally relaxed, absolutely at peace with where we were at that moment.  Holding onto those feelings can be tricky.

It is not always a bad thing to have those moments from which we want to escape from.  It is in having those moments that we sometimes can get clarity on what we truly want.  There is always the dark to enhance the light and both have their place.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that it is all right to feel, whatever it is we need to feel, at any given moment.  If we need to feel anger, if we need to feel sad, then so be it, embrace that and allow it to follow it’s course.

It is better to acknowledge a dark feeling rather than ignore or stifle it.  It can be experienced, in some cases quickly and then we can reach for a better feeling place or emotion.

At times when we are sad, angry or unhappy, we should address the underlying reason for that.  If that circumstance is within our control to change, we should do our utmost to change that.  If it cannot be changed, we can support ourselves in being equipped to deal with it. We can put ourselves in the best possible position to not merely survive the circumstance but thrive upon it, if possible, dependent on the circumstance.

As we go on this journey through life, we all see the world through the prism of our experiences.

Each moment we have the potential, through awareness, to embrace the moment and see the good, or struggle with it and see the bad.

Be your own best friend and choose to have conscious awareness in any given moment.

Choose happiness, choose peace, choose to live the best life for you.