France’s dirty Foie Gras

We literally have returned from a very enjoyable 4 days spent in the South of France.

The beauty of the beaches, the bravery of the surfers who gather in droves is marred by the dirty, rotten practice of Foie Gras, considered a delicacy there.

For those out there who do not know what Foie gras is.

It is when a duck or a Goose is force fed, until their liver is engorged. From the age of 8-10 weeks, a tube is inserted into their throat and they are force fed grain and fat.

The mortality rate for animals who are force fed can be 20 times than that of birds raised normally.

Their livers can become 10 times larger than they would normally.

Am I the only one who thinks there are so many things seriously wrong with a whole nation feeling this is a delicacy and right to be done onto animals?

For all the beauty there, the increase in organic food in the shops, the increase in organic fruit and vegetables, as a nation, they really need to address this grotesque practice, cruelty which is kept going due to tradition.

These animals suffer, they feel, they have emotions. How would we like to be force fed, causing our organs to swell unnaturally in our bodies and lead to our ultimate death? I don’t think it would rate as a delicacy then?

The dependence on meat is so high there, you can see a few vegan options on the menu, though when the stench of cooking meat pervades the area, it doesn’t encourage a vegan to want to stay and eat there, I certainly didn’t want to.

Let’s hope things change, for the animals sake and ultimately for humanity.

For a person to feel that this is right, is there something lacking in the humanity there too?

That is a question people who create the demand for these products need to ask themselves and should ask themselves.