Some interesting things to know about Reflexology

I am going to discuss some interesting facts about reflexology, you may or may not already know.

Firstly it was discovered by a lady named Eunice Ingham, who was a physiotherapist.

She discovered that the feet were a very sensitive part of the body and the most responsive.

She mapped the body onto the feet. The premise being that nerves end in the feet(and hands) and they run through different organs of the body.

Reflexology is considered to be both an art and a science.

A science in that careful studying of the anatomy and physiology of the body needs to be done.

An art in that it also requires a more intuitive aspect, where the therapist tunes into what they are reading from the feet.

If we base everything upon the fact that our bodies are energy and energy flows. I imagine that the different pressures and movements on the feet by the therapist encourage that energy flow to keep flowing.

It could be likened to a car getting a jump start, helping it work once again.

Reflexology is also based upon the fact that the body knows how to heal itself. It has an innate intelligence.

The reflexology treatment is there to help direct the body’s intelligence to correct potential imbalances which may be there presently.

The body heals and corrects itself.

Other reasons why the feet are the perfect part of the body to use for reflexology, they are the furthest from the heart, circulation can stagnate there.

Gravity also pulls toxins downwards. They are also the least attended to part of the body.

They hold our weight, carry us from place to place, they deserve the attention.

Reflexology is a reading of the feet, having that knowledge of the workings of the various organs and workings within the body.

It is a magical treatment to me, so potent in it’s effectiveness.

Why not try it for yourself?