Learning to love yourself is necessary

As children, we were most likely told to be modest, to not be boastful and to not congratulate ourselves for our achievements.

Our parents only knew what they had been taught and that is what they then instilled in us.

If you were brought up Irish, I know that is most likely how it was for you. We need to start believing it is ok to love ourselves, more than ok, necessary.

Little did we know that understating our achievements and ourselves, we reduced our worth in our own eyes.

Through not loving ourselves, we effectively told our bodies, we didn’t love them.

Our bodies hear and react to every thought we feel.

Our thoughts are the catalyst for creating feelings and this has a knock on effect on our mood and overall happiness.

If we tell ourselves that we love ourselves, that we appreciate our bodies, our cells react to this and function at a higher level.

Our immune system works better, we have less stress, less cortisol running through our bodies.

You may think that at this stage in your life, whatever that stage is, it is too late.

You may feel that you can’t change your habits and the thoughts you tell yourself, that is so wrong.

You have the ability to change at any age, we are always in a state of change, our bodies constantly renew cells, renew organs, change is a constant in our lives.

Even the simple act of changing how you speak to yourself, by being more loving in the words you use, has huge implications.

Once you form a habit, by consistently talking to yourself in a loving way, it will then become a belief.

Once it is a belief, it is entrenched within you. You then have laid down your foundations for a happier, healthier life.

Start today if you can, tell yourself that you love yourself, yes, it is ok to say that. Tell yourself you are enough, for you are enough, more than enough.

You just didn’t allow yourself to recognize it perhaps before,until now.