Foods to have in your cupboard.

There are foods out there nowadays which have reached Superfood status.  I am going to compile a list of foods which I couldn’t live without and which I feel give superb nutritional support to our bodies.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but nonetheless hopefully helpful.

apple cidervinegarApple cider vinegar- This tangy addition to foods has a whole host of benefits, perhaps unheard of.  Taking this product helps maintain an alkaline PH in the body. The body tends towards a healthier state when alkaline.

It is said to help detoxify the liver. It has natural enzymes which can combat candida,which is an overgrowth of yeast in the body.

I always like to add a dash to any stews or risotto dishes.  Can also help with maintaining balanced stomach acid levels.

Barleygrass/Wheatgrass–  Weight for weight, these are very densely nutrient rich foods. They are majorly rich in chlorophyll, which is high in magnesium. They also have digestive enzymes which can  help manage indigestible and toxic elements in food, such as heavy metals.  They have anti inflammatory properties.  You only need as much as half a teaspoon daily, mixed in a  small amount of filtered water.

barleygrassMSM/Epsom salts–  These are the same thing under different titles. MSM is basically Magnesium Sulfate, which is a mixture of Magnesium and Sulfur. Both of these minerals are extremely important in our diets.  Magnesium is highly alkalizing, helps calm nerve function, helps balance out depressionMagnesium strengthens the ability of the body to counteract conditions such as Chronic Fatigue and arthritis. Sulfur is also alkalizing.  Through taking a half teaspoon daily, we meet our requirements for both minerals.

Almond butter/cashew butter–  Nut butters which are unrefined and cold pressed are a wonderful  alternative to ordinary butter. They offer the benefits of providing minerals such as selenium and magnesium as well as Vitamin E. You get the benefits of the nut’s qualities.  Almond is said to alleviate coughs, lubricate the intestines and help  with lung conditions.

shitake mushroomShitake mushrooms- These mushrooms have been given a lot of praise. They have been said to have anti cancer benefits, stimulating the immune system. I think they are a great addition to stews, they add a filling element to the foods and are very tasty.

Coldpressed Coconut oil-  Coconut oil is a phenomenal substance.  Taken internally it apparently feeds the ketones in the brain.It has been shown to help with weight loss. It enhances immune function. It is one of few safe oils with which to cook with.  It can basically be used all over the body and can assist in gum health, youthful skin and shiny hair.


I couldn’t live without these magnificent products. Taking them makes me feel I am giving my body the best of foods.