Skating to the beat

rollerskatingHands up all those people who used to Rollerskate when they were young?

I can guarantee you loved it, didn’t you?

That feeling of soaring, mastering your skates, pushing the speed boundaries. Euphoric,  empowering.

Well, myself and two friends decided recently to reacquaint ourselves with those feelings. We wanted to grab back those memories and find out truly if it really was that good, or perhaps a painted memory polished over time in our minds.

We went to  a Roller disco.  If you can imagine a hall playing current music in which you rollerskate, you pretty much have it.

I loved it.   Initially getting on the skates, after a significant break, was a tad unfamiliar,but it didn’t take long to get into the groove.

Soft breeze, floating,whilst also trying to avoid blissfully unaware children, fed that sheer delight within me.

Truthfully I could have spent hours there, but sadly there was a time constraint.

Possibly another activity for people to consider?

I fed upon those happy feelings all evening. You can’t ask for more than that, can you?