This fast paced life, why we need to take Five or Ten

stress-management-mindmapCycling up the road today I was struck by the absolute frenzy of the cars which sped past.  Moving from A to B, caught up in their own world, as I was too.

Everything is expected to be done yesterday, nowadays.  We are expected to meet the mark, yet often fall short. Often left feeling inadequate, incompetent and stressed.

We can’t change that about this world we live in but what we can do is empower ourselves to meet these demands more readily and easily.

It is not selfish to look after ourselves, to take time to relax and simply be, as opposed to do.  Instead this is simply recharging our batteries and enabling us for the future.

woman meditationWhat I would highly recommend is to take time out everyday.  Whether this is walking in nature, spending time in a quiet room, or whatever suits and appeals to you.   The main stipulation would be that you are alone, and the place is conducive to relaxing and letting go.

Using breathing techniques or simply attuning to nature can be exceptionally calming and restorative.

For those who say they don’t have time, it only requires 5/10 minutes.  Obviously more time is better but if that is all which can be spared, then even that will reap the benefits.

.Go on, take five!!