Herbs v drugs, our current Health care system.

herbs-drugs-medWow, this is a huge topic and one I will happily get my teeth into.

Herbs can be traced back to ancient times, some say even as far back as 60,000 years. Many traditions and cultures have utilized their medicinal qualities and kept records attesting to this.

The use of drugs however is a more recent venture, having come into existence in the 19th Century or thereabouts.

In many cases a drug, for example aspirin, is derived from a herb, in this case Willow  A drug is an element of that herb, supposedly the active ingredient in the mix.  However, there is an innate intelligence within  nature.  The whole herb carries within it aspects which, when removed, result in the often found ‘Side effects’, found in the average drug.  In essence, the herb buffers those side effects from existing. Ordinarily, when consumption of the herb is kept to the recommended amount, there are few, if any, side effects.

Could I ask a question then, why are drugs the preferred choice and herbs seen as the poor relation?

Simply put, it boils down to the power and persuasion of the Drug Industry.

A herb simply can not be patented.  No patent, no money, simple as….

For every ail there is a drug and in my mind there is also a far safer, more effective herb.

My main problem is this, why shouldn’t we, the consumer have the right to choose?

We pay for our health care through our National Insurance, why then should our health care be dictated to us?

I dream of the day when we go and can choose whether we see a doctor or a Naturopath, we choose whether we want to be treated with drugs or with herbs.

As it stands we have to pay out of our pockets for anything which is not condoned by our health care system, I would love to see this change.

I am not dismissing the important role of Doctors and Nurses, I am merely advocating a new system of Health care,