My road to Veganism

I became Vegetarian around about 12 years to be vegan images

I recall the exact moment that it struck me as disgusting to take a piece of chicken.  It was as though it was the first ever time I consciously thought that I was  eating an animal as opposed to mere food.  An awakening perhaps.

I started reading a lot about the Dairy industry and it started to shatter any previous information I had heard or read about Dairy.  I became disgusted and horrified at what actually was contained in milk, namely Pus and Growth factors.  After that it wasn’t the same and I had to be strong in my stance of no meat and dairy.

Growth factors are great for a new born calf, needing to grow, possibly not as great for a fully grown human.  The dairy industry is shrouded in what would appear to be a mirage of lies.  Dairy was even isolated as a separate food category, it appeared to warrant such importance for our overall health.

I suppose  it angers and outrages me that such a food can be endemic in a large proportion of our food stuffs, without our having a say in that.  Yes, we have choice in which foods to buy, but in some cases it is exceptionally hard for the average person to access foods without some form of Dairy in them.   This food is categorized as a healthy food when I would beg to differ and call it the complete opposite.  If that were not enough of an argument the mere treatment or inhumane treatment of the animals in the meat industry would be the icing on the cake.  It is as though these animals are not even entitled to dignity, respect or consideration.

My mind is set on being Vegan.  It is a balanced diet if one takes care, attention to Vitamin B12 and sometimes Iron may be needed.  It is a highly alkaline diet, rich in the foods close to nature. One obviously needs to make sure that it abounds with plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes and certain grains, nuts and seeds.I certainly feel healthy on this diet and would highly recommend it.

Perhaps this article will open eyes to the possibilities that firstly a vegan diet is achievable and secondly that it can be balanced.