Embracing Now

happinessWe plan, we reflect, we worry, we feel guiltMeanwhile we miss the very moment in doing so.

How often can we say we are fully, wholeheartedly immersed in that very moment, that second, that activity?

I am fully guilty of this as well by the way.

Having an awareness to bring yourself totally back to the present, has so many benefits.

Instead of missing out on precious words said, potential memories, you get to fully embrace your precious life.

Meditation and mindfulness and the practice of these, cultivates a life of being ‘present in the moment’

Time is so precious, it truly is.

happiness 2The ‘present‘ is exactly that, a gift.  We each have our joys,our sorrows, that is the cycle of life.  We have our light and dark.

Even immersing in whatever sorrow you have, will help you get through to the other side.