The Mecca for Vegans- Prague

pragueWell I wouldn’t have thought it but Prague is indeed the capital for Vegans to flock to.

They hold the greatest number of vegetarian/vegan venues that I have come across, bar New Zealand.

I was lucky to travel there this summer.  I literally was in seventh heaven.

veggy foodThe range was phenomenal, Risottos, vegetable burgers with vegetarian gravy, raw chocolate cake, to name a few.

The drinks were also in a different league, superfood drinks with spirulina, Aloe vera drinks, what more can a vegan girl wish for?

It certainly helped that our buying power was such that a full meal, with drinks, was at least half of the price of home.

Prague is such a cultural place to visit too. You have the eclectic mix of acts on the Charles bridge, the boat rides, the cathedral.

We even had the wonderful chance to stumble upon a film set, late at night, walking through the cobble streets.

Getting back to the whole Vegan restaurant theme, they were so busy, we actually had to book to get a table.

Apparently Prague still has it’s mainstay of meat eaters but more and more people are seeing the risks of consuming meat and going towards the vegan/vegetarian camp, hence it’s soaring popularity.

Calling all Vegans/Vegetarians out there, this is a place you want to visit. A place called ‘ Maitrea’  was superb.