Those feet were made for healing

reflexologyThose wonderful feet. Most of us pay scant attention to our feet.

They serve their purpose and can often times be scorned and ridiculed.

Not only do these magnificent parts of our anatomy carry the weight of our body, they also can reveal a lot about what is actually going on within our bodies.

In the 1930’s a  Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist, used zone therapy in her work with patients. Zone therapy worked on the premise that there were energy channels in the body. Those channels ran from one part usually ending in an extremity, such as the feet. Certain areas of the body were found to be more effective in accessing these zones, mainly the feet.  The feet were found to be very sensitive.  Eunice mapped the entire body onto the feet and that is thought to be where Reflexology was born.

Reflexology can be seen as both a science and an art.  As a science, a therapist is required to have knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.As an art it can be a very intuitive and sensory therapy, relying upon subtle nuances and sensitivities from the Client.

Having carried out many reflexology sessions on people it never fails to amaze and confirm with me how much information can be derived from a channels

I see reflexology as a balancing tool.  It deeply relaxes and in a state of relaxation the body innately self repairs.  It is akin to a recharger. Sending pressure signals to the energy channels enabling smooth flowing and clear communication between organs.

I think it is a powerful treatment and can say it nourishes me . Enabling the person’s body to heal itself and re balance.

Give those tootsies a little love and a  massage when you can. Even get your partner to do it!!