Navigating in the dark and finding a light

images_023Funny title, I know, but in essence sums up what it means for me to have this blog/website. I often times felt like I was foraging for that light within myself, that spark.  Starting this venture is a re discovery of all the things/topics which excite me and light me up, animate my being.

I wanted to create a place where I could bring together all the information I had gathered and would continue to gather.  It never ends, this voyage towards being more knowledgeable, it is ongoing for all of us.

Having long discovered a deep passion for health related issues, I would happily spend hours indulging in good old health documentaries, articles and such like. It never lost it’s allure, no amount could satiate this appetite.

I know there are multiple websites such as this out there.  I am doing this to enlighten and empower, to uplift, to motivate, to encourage and inspire not only those who read it but also myself.  This is a labor of love for me.

I am pooling together all the topics which interest and appeal to me and hopefully everyone who takes the time to read them finds them equally as interesting and appealing.  I am always eager and happy to hear all of your comments, hoping that this can be a place where mutual respect and love can exist.

previewThis life is about following your passions, your interests, nourishing your health and living a full and happy life.  That is what I want for myself and for everyone.  Collectively if we pool our information and resources we can be much greater, the synergistic effect.

I wish you all Love, Peace, Happiness, Joy and above all I wish you magnificent health.